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Ye'll find him where you left him.

Ye'll mend when ye grow better.

Ye'll follow him lang or he'll let five shillins faa.

Ye'll naither dance nor haud the candle.

Ye'll gang a grey gate yet.

Ye'll naither dee for yer wit nor be drooned for a warlock.

Ye'll gar him claw a sair haffit.

Ye'll gar me seek the needle whaur I didna stick it.

Ye'll get as muckle for ae wish this year as for twa fernyear.

Ye'll get nae mair o the cat but the skin.

Ye'll get the cat wi' the twa tails.

Ye'll get waur bodes or Beltane.

Ye'll get yer gear again, an they'll get the weedae that stole't.

Ye'll brek yer neck as suin as yer fast in this hoose.

Ye'll get yer heid in yer hands an yer lugs tae play wi.

Ye watna what wife's ladle mey cog yer kail.

Ye soon weary of well doing.

Ye watna what's ahint yer hand.

Ye suin weary o daein weel.

Ye watna whaur a blessin mey licht.

Ye tak a bite oot o yer ain buttock.

Ye watna where a blessing may light.

Ye tak but a foal's share o the harrow.

Ye winna craw trade.

Ye tak mair in yer gab than yer cheeks can haud.

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