Scottish Proverbs


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Ye'll get yer kail throu the reek.

Ye'll dae onything but wirk an rin errands.

Ye'll gether nae gowd aff windlestraes.

Ye'll dee athoot amends o't.

Ye'll hae the hauf o the gate an aa the glaur.

Ye'll dee like a trooper's horse-wi yer shuin on.

Ye'll hang a' but the heid yet.

Ye'll drink before me.

Ye'll hang aa but the heid yet.

Ye'll find him where you left him.

Ye'll let naething tine for want o seekin.

Ye'll follow him lang or he'll let five shillins faa.

Ye'll mend when ye grow better.

Ye'll gang a grey gate yet.

Ye'll naither dance nor haud the candle.

Ye wad be a guid piper's bitch-ye smell oot the weddins.

Ye wis never born at that time o the year.

Ye wad clatter a cat tae daith.

Ye wis pat oot o the oven for nippin the pies.

Ye wad gar me trew my heid's cowed, tho there's no shears come near't.

Ye wis sae hungry ye couldna stey the grace.

Ye wad mairy a midden for the muck.

Ye yirr an yowl-ye bark, but daurna bite.

Ye wad mak a guid wife, ye haud the grip ye get.

Ye'll be hang'd and I'll be harried.

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