Scottish Proverbs


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Ye wad clatter a cat tae daith.

Ye wis pat oot o the oven for nippin the pies.

Ye wad gar me trew my heid's cowed, tho there's no shears come near't.

Ye wis sae hungry ye couldna stey the grace.

Ye wad mairy a midden for the muck.

Ye yirr an yowl-ye bark, but daurna bite.

Ye wad mak a guid wife, ye haud the grip ye get.

Ye'll be hang'd and I'll be harried.

Ye wad mak muckle o me if I wis yours.

Ye'll be hanged an I'll be harried.

Ye wad marry a midden for the muck.

Ye'll beguile nane but them that lippen tae ye.

Ye wad steal the pocks frae a auld wife, an syne spier whaur she got them.

Ye watna what wife's ladle mey cog yer kail.

Ye soon weary of well doing.

Ye watna what's ahint yer hand.

Ye suin weary o daein weel.

Ye watna whaur a blessin mey licht.

Ye tak a bite oot o yer ain buttock.

Ye watna where a blessing may light.

Ye shine like a white gir aboot a shairney cog.

Ye shine like the sunny side o a shairney wecht

Ye should be a king of your word.

Ye sit like craws in the mist.

Ye sleep like a dug in a mill.

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