Scottish Proverbs


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Ye sleep like a dug in a mill.

Ye never saw green cheese but your e'en reei'd.

Ye maun hae't baith simmered an wintered.

Ye never see green cheese but yer een reels.

Ye maun redd yer ain raivelled clue.

Ye rave unrocked, I wish yer heid wis knocked.

Ye maun spoil or ye spin.

Ye ride sae near the rump, ye'll let nane lowp on ahint ye.

Ye maun tak the will for the deed.

Ye rin awa wi the harrows.

Ye mauna thraw awa the cog, tho Crummie fling't.

Ye rin for the spurtle when the pat's bilin ower.

Ye may be heard where ye're no seen.

Ye seek grace wi a graceless face.

Ye may dight your neb and fly up.

Ye ser'd me as the wife did the cat-cuist me into the kirn, an syne harled me oot again.

Ye may drive the deil into a wife, but ye'll ne'er ding him oot o' her.

Ye shanna be niffered but for a better.

Ye may gang farther and fare waur.

Ye shanna want as lang as I hae, but leuk weel tae yer ain.

Ye may take the head for the washing.

Ye shape shuin bi yer ain shauchled feet.

Ye mete my peas wi yer ain peck.

Ye micht be godly, but ye'll never be cleanly.

Ye micht be greedy, but ye're no greenin.

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