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American Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Public Speaker

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A woodpecker can tap twenty times on a thousand trees and get nowhere, but stay busy. Or he can tap twenty-thousand times on one tree and get dinner.

An individual artist needs only a thousand true fans in her tribe. It's enough.

Are you chasing or being chased? Are you leading or following? Are you fleeing or climbing?

Art isn't a result; it's a journey. The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and soul.

A brilliant author or businesswoman or senator or software engineer is brilliant only in teeny bursts. The rest of the time, they?re doing work that most any trained person could do.

Abandoning your worldview in order to try on someone else?s is the first step in being able to see things as they are.

Anatomy of a Movement: Senator Bill Bradley defines a movement as having three elements: (1) A narrative that tells a story about who we are and the future we're trying to build. (2) A connection between and among the leader and the tribe. (3) Something to do - the fewer limits the better. Too often organizations fail to do anything but the third.

Art changes posture and posture changes innocent bystanders.

Art isn't only a painting. Art is anything that's creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator. What makes someone an artist? I don't think is has anything to do with a paintbrush. There are painters who follow the numbers, or paint billboards, or work in a small village in China, painting reproductions. These folks, while swell people, aren't artists. On the other hand, Charlie Chaplin was an artist, beyond a doubt. So is Jonathan Ive, who designed the iPod. You can be an artist who works with oil paints or marble, sure. But there are artists who work with numbers, business models, and customer conversations. Art is about intent and communication, not substances.

A bully is playing a game, one that he or she enjoys and needs. You're welcome to play this game if it makes you happy, but for most people, it will make you miserable.

Acknowledge to yourself that the factory job is dead. Having a factory job is not a natural state. It wasn?t at the heart of being human until very recently. We?ve been culturally brainwashed.

And it turns out that tribes, not money, not factories, that can change our world, that can change politics, that can align large numbers of people. Not because you force them to do something against their will. But because they wanted to connect.

Art doesn't become art until it meets an audience.

Art isn't only a painting; it's anything that changes someone for the better, any non-anonymous interaction that leads to a human (not simply a commercial) conclusion.

A change in attitude: What separates successful people from those who languish is exactly what separates the innovative and growing those organizations stagnate and die. The winners have turned the initiative into a passion and practice. Go ahead, make a list of people and organizations that you admire. I bet the seventh imperative is what makes them stand out. You see, the challenge is not to improve your ability to know when to start or when to stay out, but take the usual start.

Advertising is just a symptom, a tactic. Marketing is about far more than that.

And it?s this between-the-frame action that makes poking the box so powerful. Action is easy once you have a plan. Formulating a plan, however, is a rare and valuable skill.

Art has no right answer. The best we can hope for is an interesting answer.

Artists are people with a genius for finding a new answer, a new connection, or a new way of getting things done.

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American Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Public Speaker