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Shannon L.

American Author, Works with Hospice Patients

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The journey is the mystery?the destination the answer. If you don?t have a happy ending yet, you have not finished reading the right book.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn?t being said. The art of reading between the lines is a life long quest of the wise.

The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.

The problem with the wise is they are so filled with doubts and questions, while fools are so certain about things.

The Voyager: We are all lonely voyagers sailing on life's ebb tide, to a far off place were all stripling warriors have died, sometime at eve when the tide is low, the voices call us back to the rippling water's flow, even though our boat sailed with love in our hearts, neither our dreams or plans would keep heaven far apart, we drift through the hush of god's twilight pale, with no response to our friendly hail, we raise our sails and search for majestic light, while finding company on this journey to the brighten our night, then suddenly he pulls us through the reef's cutting sea, back to the place that he asked us to be, friendly barges that were anchored so sweetly near, in silent sorrow they drop their salted tears, shall our soul be a feast of kelp and brine, the wasted tales of wishful time, are we a fish on a line lured with bait, is life the grind, a heartless fate, suddenly, hush, said the wind from afar, have you not looked to the heavens and seen the new star, it danced on the abyss of the evening sky, the sparkle of heaven shining on high, its whisper echoed on the ocean's spray, from the bow to the mast they heard him say, hope is above, not found in the deep, I am alive in your memories and dreams when you sleep, I will greet you at sunset and with the moon's evening smile, I will light your path home.. every last lonely mile, my friends, have no fear, my work was done well, In this life I broke the waves and rode the swell, I found faith in those that I called my crew, my love will be the compass that will see you through, So don't look for me on the ocean's floor to find, I've never left the weathered docks of your loving mind, For I am in the moon, the wind and the whale's evening song, I am the sailor of eternity whose voyage is not gone.

There is a difference between being strong and having courage. People that are strong change nothing by putting up with stuff. People that have courage change everything because they choose not to put up with stuff.

They say instant communication is not communication at all but merely a frantic, trivial, nerve-wracking bombardment of clich‚s, threats, fads, fashions, gibberish and advertising. However, who has not hung on a scripture, a quote, a statement, only to stumble upon the key phrase that brought all things to a turning point? The greatest sermons and speeches were pieced together by illuminating thoughts that powered men to surpass their own commonness. It is the sparkling magic of letters forming words, and those words colliding with passion, that makes statements into wisdom.

Tough love and brutal truth from strangers are far more valuable than Band-Aids and half-truths from invested friends, who don?t want to see you suffer any more than you have.

Unhappiness comes from living the life of two people--the one people want you to be and the one you want to be.

What I find predictable is crazy people's ability to predict that unpredictable people can be predicted by their consistent unpredictable behavior, thus making all crazy people predictable when the world says they are unpredictable. Therefore, I must be right because I can predict crazy because I have been trained in the unpredictable nature of consistent craziness because I am crazy.

When I die I hope it may be said: 'Her suffering was black, but her books were read'.

It is a wonderful thing to be liked by a stranger, but without respect it is pointless. It is like pulling the pedals off a rose and throwing the stem at the person you like. It?s creepy, but had good intentions that suddenly experienced some strange form of verticillium wilt, during the climate change of their mood.

It is not what you leave to your children that matters, but what you leave in them.

Lack of communication has a way of clipping our wings, which keeps us from flying. When things are left unspoken, we forget that everyone is destined to share the sky together.

Live vertically, not horizontally.

Mental illness is not something you misunderstand in this era. Get educated because bias is no different than racism.

Never be ashamed of madness, instead be ashamed of people that are ashamed of madness. Without a little bit of insanity, we would have never had the Theory of Relativity, electricity, airplanes, cars or your beloved iPhone. Madness got you that.

Never sever ties with a family member you once loved. Each of you might be on different spiritual paths, but both trails are leading you home.

Often people that criticize your life are usually the same people that don't know the price you paid to get where you are today. True friends see the full picture of your soul.

Passion is not a reaction to an external event. It is the left over emotions from the internal battles you have won that propels you forward.

People's behaviors are messages, not a diagnosis because I can no longer discern the world's version of insanity.

Remember, the village idiot was the spiritual man who built the ark and saved his family. Keep being you and never give up marching to the beat of your own drum!

Silence is for fools. Communication is for leaders. Justice is for those brave enough to not stand another moment dealing with people that feel the solution to any problem is through cold indifference because of their lack of courage and insecurities.

Sometimes painfully lost people can teach us lessons that we didn't think we needed to know, or be reminded of---the more history changes, the more it stays the same.

Sometimes, the people that love you the most turn out to be the people you will trust the least.

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American Author, Works with Hospice Patients