Silvio Berlusconi


Italian Politician, Prime Minister of Italy, Billionaire Media Tycoon, Controlling Shareholder of Mediaset, Owner of Italian Football Club A.C. Milan

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As far the government is concerned, we will not cover up anything.

Defender and promoter of freedom and democracy.

I always win, I'm cursed to win.

I had to use all my playboy tactics, although I hadn't used them for a while. (on convincing the female president of Finland not to be the first state to host the Food Safety Agency)

I tried to find other avenues and other solutions, even through an activity with the African leader (Libya's Col. Muammar) Gaddafi. But we didn't succeed and there was the military operation.

If I, taking care of everyone's interests, also take care of my own, you can't talk about a conflict of interest.

In Italy, I am almost seen as German for my workaholism. Also I am from Milan, the city where people work the hardest. Work, work, work - I am almost German.

Ladies, I have a mission for you on election day: cook! Sweet and exquisite things, please. Bring them to the polling station to be examined. The boldest can try making a tart, the most skilful, profiteroles

On Edge of abyss.

Samantha I?ve got to go off to Italy ? dinner with Berlusconi. Don?t worry I?ll get so-and-so to pull me out of the jacuzzi before the whores turn up.

The left has no taste, even when it comes to women.

There is no point in talking about improvement because there has been no worsening.

Those judges are doubly mad! In the first place, because they are politically mad, and in the second place because they are mad anyway.

We, therefore, urge the maximum caution, care and responsibility.

As prime minister, I have never had the feeling that I was in power.

Do it my way and earn more money.

I am absolutely sure to be the most democratic man to ever become Prime Minister in Italy.

I have Italian citizens in too good consideration to think that there are so many voting assholes (literally: "coglioni", rude word for testicles) around which could vote against their own interests. I apologize for the rude but effective language.

I trust the intelligence of the Italian people too much to think that there are so many pricks around who would vote against their own best interests.

If the left wing was to rule, the result would be misery, terror and death, like it happens in every place where communism rules.

In my opinion, and not only mine, I am the best prime minister we can find today.

Let's talk about football and women. (Turning to four-times-married German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder.) Gerhard, why don't you start?

On the contrary, I tried on numerous occasions to convince the American president not to go to war. I did what was within my capabilities to avoid that happening.

So I contacted Gaddafi and we discussed the possibility of Libya accepting Saddam. We spoke about it half a dozen times, between the end of 2002 and the start of 2003. And I almost managed to convince him to take Saddam.

The Left loves the poor so much it creates more of them every time it gets into power.

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Italian Politician, Prime Minister of Italy, Billionaire Media Tycoon, Controlling Shareholder of Mediaset, Owner of Italian Football Club A.C. Milan