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Austrian Holocaust Survivor, Hunter of Nazi War Criminals

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There is no denying that Hitler and Stalin are alive today...they are waiting for us to forget, because this is what makes possible the resurrection of these two monsters.

Violence is like a weed--it does not die even in the greatest drought.

We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances - to choose one's own way.

You're a religious man. You believe in God and life after death. I also believe. When we come to the other world and meet the millions of Jews who died in the camps and they ask us, 'What have you done?' there will be many answers. You will say, 'I became a jeweler.' Another will say, 'I smuggled coffee and American cigarettes.' Still another will say, 'I built houses,' but I will say, 'I didn't forget you.'

That we must never forgive would seem to follow from the same stern logic. For if we forgive, it will be a sign to those in the future that they can act without fear of punishment, and that the world has a moral escape valve labeled 'forgiveness' that permits evil not only to survive but to thrive... Forgiveness becomes a 'weak' virtue, one that Christians seem particularly prone to champion, and one that always carries the possibility of condoning, rather than constricting, the spread of evil.

The history of man is the history of crimes, and history can repeat. So information is a defense. Through this we can build, we must build, a defense against repetition.

I found hundreds of people all over Germany who worked there (as) guards or (who) were somehow involved in Auschwitz, that was in 2003 ? people were very old then, and I don?t know how many of them will be alive at the moment.

Anne Frank became a symbol of the million murdered children, and I tell it to the father of Anne Frank, the diary of his daughter had a bigger impact than the Nuremberg trial.

For your benefit, learn from our tragedy. It is not a written law that the next victims must be Jews. It can also be other people. We saw it begin in Germany with Jews, but people from more than twenty other nations were also murdered. When I started this work, I said to myself, 'I will look for the murderers of all the victims, not only the Jewish victims. I will fight for justice.'

If you know from history the danger, then part of the danger is over because it may not take you by surprise as it did your ancestors.

The schools would fail through their silence, the Church through its forgiveness, and the home through the denial and silence of the parents. The new generation has to hear what the older generation refuses to tell it.

Freedom is not a gift of heaven, you have to fight for it every day,

I'm here to assure you that our city is prepared to handle these situations... Power was restored to the vast majority of D.W.P. customers, 90 percent, within the first two hours.

There is no denying that Hitler and Stalin are alive today... they are waiting for us to forget, because this is what makes possible the resurrection of these two monsters.

God must have been on leave during the Holocaust.

Justice for crimes against humanity must have no limitations.

There is no freedom without justice.

Hatred can be nurtured anywhere, idealism can be perverted into sadism anywhere. If hatred and sadism combine with modern technology the inferno could erupt anew anywhere.

My cause was justice, not vengeance. My work is for a better tomorrow and a more secure future for our children and grandchildren.

To expose the plight of black slaves in Sudan and Mauritania, where today tens of thousands of black people still suffer the scourge of slavery.

He did not want to be buried in Austria, as he was afraid his grave will be mutilated.

None of my 'clients' - not Eichmann, not Stangl, not Mengele, and not even Hitler or Stalin - was born a criminal. Somebody had to teach them to hate: maybe the society, maybe the politics, maybe just a Jewish prostitute.

Violence is like a weed - it does not die even in the greatest drought.

Human rights is the only ideology that deserves to survive.

Should history repeat itself, my example will repeat itself too...and not once, but fifty-fold.

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Austrian Holocaust Survivor, Hunter of Nazi War Criminals