Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, aka Gurudeva and Satguru

Subramuniyaswami, aka Gurudeva and Satguru

American Hindu Guru and Spiritual Leader

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With all His great powers, the one thing Siva cannot do is take Himself out of you.

You are a being that has unlimited power within.

You are not your mind, because you can control your mind with your will.

You will soon realize that you create the mind in any way that you want, that you are master of your mind. To become master of your mind, you must realize that understanding is fifty percent of control of the mind, and you have to work at it as an accountant would work to balance his books, as a musician has to work to master his instrument.

The winter solstice has always been a festive time of year in all countries and religions, among Hindus especially, for it is a traditional season for the worship of Lord Ganesha. In Hindu Vedic Astrology this time of year marks the end of the sun?s southward movement and the beginning of its movement north, the change from dakshinayana to uttarayana. Since Hindus do not celebrate Christmas, they often find it difficult to relate in a meaningful way to those who do. Their children are often embarrassed when asked why they do not receive gifts on December 25. Adults feel the need to give gifts and mail greeting cards as well as receive them from their relatives, neighbors, friends and business associates. Pancha Ganapati is a Hindu expression of this natural season of worship, gift-giving and celebration.

The world is divided into two kinds of people: the wise and the otherwise.

There are only two things you can really depend on: one is the changeableness of life, and the other is the unchanging Self within you.

There is no good and bad karma; there is self-created experience that presents opportunities for spiritual advancement. As long as we react to karma, we must repeat it. That is the law.

There is no true path that leads away from religion.

Time is the curvature that makes all people the center of the universe.

Sitting in a state of meditation, you must be more alive and alert than a tightrope walker suspended without a net on a taut cable three hundred feet above the surface of the Earth.

To know the Self God, go into the that of that, then into the that of that, further into the that of That.

Siva is the Life of our life.

Vindictiveness comes from insecurity.

Some people desire peace of mind so intensely that they never have peace of mind.

We make very little progress when we strive to conquer baser instincts in a good mood. However, vast strides are possible when we are miserable and work with ourselves to replace our misery with joy and understanding.

The mind is vast in its combinations of time, space and form. It contains every vibration from subtle to gross.

We neither fear death nor look forward to it, but revere it as a most exalted experience. Life, death and the afterlife are all part of our path to perfect oneness with God.

The mystery is no mystery to the mystic.

When looking for tax deductions stops, then true giving begins.

The object in being on the spiritual path is not to have just a little influx of energy, but to be the energy itself - consciously.

When the instinctive mind becomes lifted into the light, a person is strong enough to be kind when he could have become angry. He generates enough spiritual power to be generous when he might have reacted selfishly. Disciplined periods of meditation nurture a magnanimous and benevolent nature. Such a being is naturally in the light of the supreme consciousness. His great strength is humility, a shock absorber for the malicious experiences in life. Humility makes one immune to resentment and places everything in proportion and balance within the mind.

The pilgrimage toward any experience starts with your first concept of it.

When you react to a situation, do not re-enact it. Wait until the emotional nature has completely composed itself, then study your reaction? Let your mind cognize itself by turning itself back on itself. Become consciously conscious. All you have to do is to watch your mind [imagination] think.

The purified, integrated mind, so perfected in its own understanding, lives in close communion with the soul radiance so that light becomes the constant companion of the mind.

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Subramuniyaswami, aka Gurudeva and Satguru
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American Hindu Guru and Spiritual Leader