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Your previous lie damages your present truth.

Your tongue steals what hides your soul (stomach).

Your woman should be in the house or in the grave.

You will never get rid of what you were born with (it will not roam from you).

You will not remain (on earth) let a good memory of you remain.

Your nasty tongue will deprive you of peace, but will not help you in enmity.

You may kill an infidel (if he deserves it), but be just to him (i.e. be just even to your enemy).

You should discuss over a dog's hide when it concerns your interest.

You should expect from people and the forest what cannot predict.

You shouldn?t speak for one who?s present

You tell one thing but he may hear another.

You will be drowned by two things: plenty of water and plenty of enemies.

You don't go searching for bones in a lion's den.

You lend a false ear to false words.

You cannot hide behind a tree from a man who always hides behind a tree himself (i.e. you cannot outwit him in his own manner).

Where there is negotiation, there is hope for agreement.

Whispering is not talk, screwing up one?s eyes is not a glance.

Wisdom does not come overnight.

Women?s tricks are not something one is able to perceive.

You are stitching for him sandals and he is sewing for you a shroud.

You cannot evade the camel which is driven (in your direction) by another camel, nor the man who is driven (i.e. set on you) by a woman (i.e. a woman skillfully uses a man for pursuing her ends).

When the camels graze together each herdsman keeps close to his own.

When the snake is in the house, one need not discuss the matter at length.

Where I make my living, there is my home.

Where there are no women, there is no home (no women means no shelter; therefore, as they are the main pillars of the society then without them there is no means of joyous life)

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