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In striving for gains you will sit even on a dogskin.

In the ocean, one does not need to sow water.

In the rainless season dry grass is (rich) fodder.

If you err in the first letter of a word, it will not become better by the last letter (by the last sura of Koran).

If you fail to do what you want, do what you have to do.

If you have managed to avoid a premature death, you will not manage to avoid old age.

If you leave the place in which you are loved, you will come to the place in which you are hated.

If you live long you will see how the camels are born.

If you want to dismantle a hedge, remove one thorn bush at a time.

If you can?t resolve your problems in peace, you can?t solve them with war.

If you come to the one-eyed people?s country (place), pull out your eye.

If you dig a (deadly) hole for somebody, be careful not to fail into it yourself.

If the blow missed you that does not mean that you may feel safe (because another blow can be delivered).

If the hand which used to catch (i.e. steal) is chopped off, the stump will twitch (i.e. it will also try to catch something).

If two men spend a night far from each other, neither one of them knows how the other one is now.

If you are asking a man to stitch a pair of shoes for you, look at his own shoes.

If you are dying, wipe off your saliva (i.e. try to die suitable.

If you can overcome somebody when you are sitting, do not stand up.

If a she-camel does not want to do something, she finds a tree against which to rub herself.

If a trouble shows its back, do not force it to show its face.

If misfortune does not come to you it comes to somebody else (somebody of your age).

If people come together, they can even mend a crack in the sky.

If people support each other they do not fall.

If somebody cheated you once he is a fool (because by the fraud he shook your faith in him), but if he cheated you twice you are a fool.

If somebody of your age is being shaved, wet your own hair (get ready for the same trouble).

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