Spanish Proverbs


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Plough deep whilst sluggards sleep, And you shall have corn to sell and to keep.

Rice that is not stirred will burn.

Set a peasant on horseback, and he forgets both God and man.

Plough or not plough, you must pay your rent.

Right or wrong, God aid our purpose.

Seven brothers in a council make wrong right.

Plough wet or dry, and you will not have to kiss your neighbor's breech.

Right overstrained turns to wrong.

Seven is company, and nine confusion.

Possession and good right, with lance in hand.

Rise early and watch, labor and catch.

Shared misfortune, less sorrow.

Pour not water on a drowned mouse.

Rome wasn't built in a day

She is good and honored who is dead and buried.

Poverty does not destroy virtue, nor does wealth bestow it.

Said the frying pay to the kettle, Stand off, black bottom.

She is nether fish nor fowl.

One chooses one's friends, but family is from birth.

One trick is met by another.

Peace and patience, and death with penitence.

One drink is just right; two is too many; three are too few.

One wedding brings another.

People are the architects of their own fortune.

One eye on the frying-pan and the other on the cat.

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