Spanish Proverbs


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Much never cost little.

Never advise someone to go to war or to get married.

No need to seek shelter for an old ox.

Mad love--I for you, and you for another.

Michael is quits; he lost a ducat and gained a rabbit.

Much pleasure and little grief is every man's desire.

Never ask pardon before you are accused.

No one will notice in the dark.

Make good flour, and do not blow the trumpet.

Might makes right.

Much talking, much erring.

Never beg from one who was a beggar.

No one would be an innkeeper but for money.

Make sure you have many books and many friends -- as long as they are good ones.

Mildness governs more than anger.

My daughter-in-law tucked up her sleeves, and upset the kettle into the fire.

Never let a poor man advise you on investments.

No relation is poor.

Make the suit fit the occasion.

Milk the cow that standeth still.

My gossips don't like me because I tell them truths.

Never offer your hen for sale on a rainy day.

No revenge is more honorable than the one not taken.

Make way for a madman and a bull.

Mirrors were not made for the blind.

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