Sri Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Indian-born Bengali and American Contemporary Spiritual Leader, Author, Poet, Athlete and Artist

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Every day there is only one thing to learn: how to be honestly happy.

God does not have to convince you of His Existence. You just convince yourself that you came into the world to do something great and be something good.

Hate is often an obverse form of love. You hate someone whom you really wish to love but whom you cannot love.

I always say that past is dust, past is dust. And I wish to repeat the message that past is dust. Let the past be buried in oblivion. The past has not given any of us realization, God-realization. It is the present that will give to each of us our Self-realization. It is the message of the golden tomorrow that will enter into the present and change our lives within and without. Each new year signifies progress and there is no end to this progress. Our journey is eternal. Our Goal is the ever-transcending Beyond.

I feel it is through prayer, meditation, and dedicated service that world peace can take place. Each individual has to try to make others happy, for it is only through happiness that we can have peace.

If there is only the dead lift and other standard lifts, then there will be no newness, no invention. Should there be only one game? No, hundreds of games have been discovered. Then shall we play only football, volleyball and basketball? There should be more games. In a garden will we keep only four types of flowers? If another type of flower appears, we will not cry, Oh, this is not a flower because for years and years in our garden there have been only four flowers. Unfortunately, when one invents something, it is frequently not accepted. Then a day comes when people forget about the criticism. At first, how much Newton and Einstein suffered! Afterwards, everybody accepted them. In the beginning, newness will always be suspected. It will not be admired and adored. But then, based on that newness, people go forward.

If you play divine music, spiritual music, then you are bound to give and get satisfaction.

In the spiritual world, next to meditation is music, the breath of music. Meditation is silence, energising and fulfilling. Silence is the eloquent expression of the inexpressible.

Let us serve the world soulfully. The pay we will receive for our service will be in the currency of gratitude, God's gratitude, God the only gratitude.

Man forgets. God forgives. Man forgets God's Truth. God forgives man's ignorance.

Music embodies universal Light and universal Truth, and music also embodies the oneness-reality which we see in universal Love, universal Light, universal Awareness and universal Wakefulness. Universal Wakefulness we see inside all music. Music has to play a most important role in bringing about world oneness, for music is the connecting link between the One and the many and between the many and the One.

Music will play a most important role in bringing about world oneness, for music embodies the Universal Heart, the Oneness-Heart.

No matter how fleeting your smile is, your smile is the very beginning of your wisdom-light.

O my mind, Do you really want peace? Then shun competition-comparison, World-criticism and self-criticism.

Patience, increasing patience, is all we need to be victorious in the battlefield of life.

People who plead with you for favors may eventually prove to be great flatterers. Your friends are only those who all the time cheerfully support your heart's aspiration-flames.

Self-investigation is a necessary light. Self-criticism is an unnecessary burden.

Spirituality tells the seeker not to live in the hoary past, not to live in the remote future, but to live in the immediacy of today, in the eternal Now.

The moment we use the term 'help', a kind of egocentric idea enters into us. If we help someone, that means we are in a superior position. When we help, we feel that we are one step ahead or one step higher than the ones that we are helping. But if we serve someone, then we offer our capacity with humility, on the strength of our loving concern and oneness. So let us use the proper term, 'service'.

The way to become happy is to think and to feel that the very best is yet to come.

They say, 'Music is the woman who talks charmingly, but says nothing.' I say, 'Music is the woman who at once tells everything divinely and offers everything unreservedly.'

Today I must dive deep within and know what I come to this earth-stage for.

We fear death, the unknown. Death fears us, the unknowable. We fear death's necessity. Death fears our Divinity.

During meditation if you can really make yourself feel that you have only the heart, or if you can feel that you do not even have the heart, but that your whole existence from the sole of your foot to the crown of your head is the soul, then you will see that the mind does not exist. But if you cannot feel the presence of your soul, you can easily feel your heart's presence and your heart's glow. When you see light glowing in the heart or in the soul, you can rest assured that you have already transcended the intellectual mind. At this stage you have entered into the illumined mind, which is very different from the reasoning, intellectual mind.

Every day, early in the morning, stand in front of a mirror. If you dare to stand in front of a mirror, then you can easily stand in front of the whole world. When you stand in front of the mirror, if you see an undivine face looking back at you, then rest assured that the whole world is undivine. But if you are getting joy from your face, if it is pure and divine, then rest assured that the world is also pure and divine. According to the way you see yourself, the rest of the world will present itself to you.

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Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Indian-born Bengali and American Contemporary Spiritual Leader, Author, Poet, Athlete and Artist