Stephen Berrien Stanton

Stephen Berrien
after 1916

American Writer and Author

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One type of man upon which civiliza-
tion places its emphasis that all others
should be crowded out, as it is in the
animal world that one species should in
self-preservation exterminate its rival
species. The only escape from socio-
logical manslaughter lies in so changing
conditions that they shall themselves
develop all men into the desired type.
Until human laws are wholly amelio-
rative, they must like natural laws con-
tinue to be partially destructive.

Only by exclusions can the status
quo be maintained. In origin most
privilege is self-preservation, and gen-
erally serves still as a protective meas-
ure. Priorities of power, possession,
birthright and the like had their in-
ception in and owe their retention to
the interests of order.

Torn by twofold will, freighted with life-laid cares, compassed about by ill, my soul to hope yet dares. Dares to retain in right and truth and beauty its trust, ay, in defeat's despite dares because, God, It must! Life ne'er assents to death, night never quenched the sky, doubt's but a phase of faith - more than my failures, I.

The goal of life is imminent in each moment, each thought, word, act, and does not have to be sought apart from these. It consists in no specific achievement, but the start of mind in which everything is done, the quality infused into existence. The function of man is not to attain an object, but to fulfill a purpose; not to accomplish but be accomplished.

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Stephen Berrien
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after 1916

American Writer and Author