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Where there are many people, there God is

Women: do not fall asleep.

You don?t throw stones at an approaching crackling noise in the bush wait and see what is it first.

Your companion's body is beside (i.e. not a part of) your body.

Where there are many there is much.

Words alone won?t break bones.

You don't see your own bad behavior or that of your family and if you see it you don't hate is as other people do.

Your companion's burden is (no more than) a load of kapok (to you). cf. The burden is light on the shoulder of another.

Where there are many, nothing goes wrong.

Work for the unbeliever to obtain your goal. Overcome your antipathy towards a task or person in order to get the thing you need or want.

You get it. You do it.

Your companion's burden is a load of kapok.

Where there are old people, nothing goes wrong.

Work is an obedient child, sleeping hungry is one's choice.

You have not line nor rope: with what [do you think] to land a sea-monster? Said of somebody who undertakes an impossible task.

Your love for me, your attentions, will kill me, so no need to look for poison.

Where there are plenty of trees there are no builders.

Work the clay while it is still wet.

You know that sweetness kills, why have you given me poison?

Your own bad place is far better than your companion's place.

Where there is a will there is a way.

You are blaming the hawk, (while) the falcon is killing the chickens.

You may be angry, but we've skinned the big goat!

Your own small place is not like a big place of your companion.

Where there is finery, there lies the snare.

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