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You may be angry, but we've skinned the big goat!

Your own small place is not like a big place of your companion.

Where there is finery, there lies the snare.

You are eating with a blind man, do not touch his hand.

You may climb a thorn tree, and be unable to come down.

Where there trees, there are no builders.

You build somebody else's place while yours is falling down.

You see me dozing but I hear whatever you say.

There are three things which if one does not know, one cannot live long in the world: what is too much for one, what is too little for one, and what is just right for one.

To a physician a sick man is a garden.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

War has no eyes.

What the heart desires is like medicine to it.

When brothers quarrel, take a hoe and go and dig; and when they make it up, take a basket and patter the crop.

When you play with a lion, do not put your hand in its mouth (that would be going too far!).

There has never been mutual love without mutual respect.

To a seamen of Kwale, death by water is common experience.

Too many jokes burst out the pus.

Water does not boil if taken away from fire.

What the heart likes is like fresh meat.

When evil enters a loving family, that lovely relationship disappears.

When you see them (vessels) afloat, somebody made them.

There is an opportune time for everything.

To aim is not to hit.

Treat your guest as a guest for two days; on the third day, give him a hoe.

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