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Unwarranted spying by a neighbor does not take me out of my house.

What beats you is what teaches you.

When a child dirties your thigh, [the thigh] is not cut off.

When tide is high, it ebbs.

The way a donkey expresses gratitude is by giving someone a bunch of kicks.

This is said by paramours upon the return of the woman to her husband.

To run is not necessarily to arrive.

Usage is like law.

What is being talked about is here, and if I?s not it's coming around behind.

When a fool becomes enlightened, the wise man is in trouble.

When you are eating with a blind man, do not touch his hand.

The way of a liar is short (i.e. he soon comes to grief).

This is said of somebody one does not really like, but cannot get rid of.

To stop a running fire start a fire moving against it. To stop an insulting person a similar person is needed: Oppose cruelty with cruelty.

Used of people who make many plans after which they are content to sit back as though they had attained their aspirations.

What is loved is music for the heart.

When a person loves (a garment), she'll sew it, if she does not like it, she'll tear it (even if new).

When you are seized, hold on yourself.

The way you raise a child is what he/she will grow to be.

This means that if your relative errs, you should help so that that person may avoid any recurrence of the mishap.

To stumble is not falling down but it is to go forward.

Victory makes a man popular, and to fall in love means to be conquered.

What is not eaten by a man, let the devil eat it.

When a plate is covered, its contents are hidden.

When you get (something) be thankful and when you miss (something) do not blaspheme.

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