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When the cat goes away, mice reign.

There where is trouble put money.

To fry a person in his/her own fat.

Trying is not the same as succeeding.

We have drunk the coffee; the grounds are for the husband.

When [sweet] cassava is available, cassava in fermentation is not eaten. It would be foolish to abstain from what is better.

When the cat's away, the mice do play.

The village cock does not crow in town.

They is no distance that has no end.

To get lost is to learn the way.

Two bulls do not live in the same shade.

Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases.

When a bull gets his leg broken, he is sure to go back to his yard.

When the head of the family dies, that family breaks up.

The walker eats on foot. The man who moves around is never hungry.

They is no incense for something rotting.

To live long is to see much.

Two crocodiles cannot agree.

What "eats" you is in your dress.

When a child cries for a razor give it him. i.e. Let him learn by experience.

When the quarrel gets in the open, evil will grow.

The washer conceals the corpse (i.e., gives nothing away).

They is no secret between two people.

To me, my eye!

Two things cannot be loved at the same time.

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