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The inhabitant of Pemba Island does not relieve himself on the ground if he finds a tree trunk to sit on.

The one who agrees with you, agree with that person.

The path of a liar is short.

The remedy of fire is fire.

The heart changes all the time.

The intoxication of love is the worst disease.

The one who buries ivory is the one to dig it up.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

The sick man is the garden of the physicians.

The heart has no patience.

The juice of an immature coconut Is not like the real coconut juice.

The one who cut your curls took away your need of combing.

The person who cut your hair has also diminished [taken away the need of] combing.

The skin of yesterday's sugarcane is a harvest to an ant.

The heart is deep.

The Labor of childbirth is known to the mother.

The one who denies me something reduces my pain.

The person who hates you will not lack faults to put on you.

The space under the bed is like a mat.

The heart is like a book.

The laughter of a child lights up the house.

The one who denies you beans helps you to escape bloating.

The person who loves me, I love too; the one who denies me, I deny that person too.

The tears of one who loves you will come even from a bad eye.

The heart is like bile, if it changes still more it becomes clay.

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