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The one who denies you beans helps you to escape bloating.

The person who loves me, I love too; the one who denies me, I deny that person too.

The tears of one who loves you will come even from a bad eye.

The heart is like bile, if it changes still more it becomes clay.

The leopard may be fierce, but the pups are sucking.

The one who has aimed has not hit yet. Do not cry victory too soon.

The person who wants to beat a child will find a stick.

The teeth of a dog do not lock together, .i.e., brothers do not harm one another when they fight.

The heart knows its own pain.

The limit of the meadow is the rope. A cow tied with a rope can only feed on the grass up to the point where the stretched rope reaches.

The one who has helped others climb the ladder gets kicked in the teeth.

The person who withholds lentils from a donkey, reduces its passing of wind.

The teeth of a dog do not lock together.

The heart loves only one thing at a given time.

The lion which moves silently is the one that eats meat.

The one who is ahead is ahead; the one who follows must make an effort.

The person with sharp teeth is the one who finishes the meat.

The timid crow withdraws his wings from harm.

The heart of a human being is [as deep] as a well.

The lover of people is not loved by the people.

The one who is behind does not arrive in front.

The poison for a word is a word.

The tongue hurts more than the teeth.

The heart of love can also begin to hate.

The maker of wooden spoons saves his hand from fire.

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