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Who sits on your shoulders will try to climb on your head.

You shouldn't saw off the branch you're sitting on.

What can’t be alter’d must be borne, not blamed.

When you're speaking about the trolls, they're standing in the entrance hall listening.

Who waits for a heritage may have to wait long.

To praise is to assess.

What doesn't kill, hardens.

Where all limp, everybody thinks he walks straight.

Who wants to have something good, will have to seek it where it is.

To speak is silver, to keep silent is gold.

What is unclearly said is unclearly thought.

Where are breads in the desert?

Who winks to the blind, does work in vain.

Take with you an onion to the funeral.

The dogs in Lund bark.

The one that wants to have something good, will have to seek it where it is.

There is no bad weather only bad clothing.

Talk less, say more.

The end is good, everything is good.

The one who digs a pit for others, often falls into it him-/herself.

There is seldom cattle without some motley animals.

That our hands show signs of our work, is nothing to be ashamed of.

The farmer should be mightier than his land.

The perch has a good time, it drinks when it wants to.

There would be no slanderers if none would listen to them.

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