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Those who wish to sing always find a song.

The butterfly often forgets it was a caterpillar.

The important thing isn't to win, but to fight well.

The stomach is filled earlier than the eye.

Thou are a bitter bird, said the raven to the starling.

Only child, dear child.

Pray and work.

Slowly but surely.

Other times, other customs.

Premature purchase is repented.

Small pots also have ears.

Other years other hairs.

Prepaid work is slow.

Small tuft often overturns a big load.

Out of the ashes into the fire.

Pride goes before fall.

Over-praise is a burden.

Promise freely, fulfill sparingly.

Paid work progresses slowly.

Quickly dear and soon forgotten.

Pay back with the same coin.

Rather one bird in the hand, than ten in the woods.

Peculiar people may show up anywhere.

Recognize gladly great exploits, but wait a while first.

Persevere and never fear.

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