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Reflect on beforehand.

Pitch and tar are the navy seaman's pride.

Self-praise smells bad.

Poor material yields poor results.

Seriousness and mildness ought to work in unison.

Poverty and love are difficult to hide.

Shared grief is half the grief.

Practice gives skill.

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow

One should go out of the way for little children and drunks.

Praise gets closer than blame.

Shoemaker, stick to your last.

One talks against praise in order to hear it once again

Praise is easier got than kept.

Shoot the bear before you skin it.

One time is no time - two times is a habit.

Praise makes the good man better, blame makes the bad one worse.

Slander makes friends part.

Noble deeds are done in silence.

Not all who fold their hands, are praying.

Not everything that glimmers is gold.

Nothing beneath the sun is lasting.

Nothing stimulates the appetite like little on the plate.

Now the fairytale is over.

Old men carry the almanac in their bones.

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