Swedish Proverbs


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Out of the ashes into the fire.

Pride goes before fall.

Over-praise is a burden.

Promise freely, fulfill sparingly.

Paid work progresses slowly.

Quickly dear and soon forgotten.

Pay back with the same coin.

Rather one bird in the hand, than ten in the woods.

Peculiar people may show up anywhere.

Recognize gladly great exploits, but wait a while first.

Persevere and never fear.

Reflect on beforehand.

Pitch and tar are the navy seaman's pride.

Self-praise smells bad.

Poor material yields poor results.

Seriousness and mildness ought to work in unison.

Poverty and love are difficult to hide.

Shared grief is half the grief.

One should go invited to a friend in good fortune, and uninvited in misfortune.

Nobility follows the man's line at a wedding.

Noble deeds are done in silence.

Not all who fold their hands, are praying.

Not everything that glimmers is gold.

Nothing beneath the sun is lasting.

Nothing stimulates the appetite like little on the plate.

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