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Float on small clouds.

He gets a tailwind who bothers to wait.

If a blind man leads another, they both fall together.

It has to be fixed one way or another.

Lend to God and the earth -- they both pay good interest.

Many children and little food make thin smoerbroeds.

Children act in the village as they have learned at home.

Don't cross the stream to find water.

Empty barrels make the most noise.

Fools and stubborn people make rich lawyers.

He laughs best who laughs last.

If it weren't for my need to fill my belly, I would have gilded my arm.

It is seldom the fault of one when two argue.

Let the other party be heard too.

Many small brooks will form a big river.

Children travel from the heart to the heart.

Don't get scaled by the gruel of another.

Envy is the companion of success.

For lack of hens the fox catches crows.

He who builds and he who marries are never safe.

If we reject the chaff, we may easily lose the kernel.

It is the crime that causes the shame, and not the punishment.

Lick upwards, kick downwards.

Many who kiss the child mean the nurse.

Children's bread is hard to chew.

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