T. Boone Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

T. Boone
Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management

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What I learned at eighty: the best part of the game truly lies ahead.

When I have the odds in my favor, I put my money up and keep it up. If the fundamentals change, I get the hell out of there.

When you are hunting elephants, don?t get distracted chasing rabbits.

When you are young, fitness is a sport. As you grow older, it's a necessity.

When you blow away the foam, you get down to the real stuff.

When you look at a commodities market you need hedgers and speculators. If you don't have one, you don't have a market. That's how it works.

Work eight hours and sleep eight hours and make sure that they are not the same hours.

Work hard. Come early, stay late. That?s the way leadership has to approach it.

Writing is great for keeping records and putting down details, but talk generates ideas. Great things come from our luncheon meetings which consist of a sandwich, a cup of soup, and a good idea or two. No martinis.

You can't invest in natural gas on a daily basis. It's too volatile. But if you think of natural gas as a long-term holding, then you push your profit horizon out. A long-term time horizon would be at least two years.

You give the money where you want it.

You go after the biggest and best reserves as quickly as you can. Nobody in the oil business believes in saving the best for last.

You have to serve many apprenticeships throughout your life. Show me somebody who won?t serve an apprenticeship, and I?ll show you somebody who won?t go very far.

We'll see it within a year,

You lead by example.

We're going to have shortages and prices are going to go up. Gasoline is going to be extremely tight for us.

You want to compete, and you want to compete at the highest level.

We've got all these politicians talking about better health care and what all, but believe me, we're not going to have the money to take care of sick people ? or anyone else as far as I'm concerned ? if we don't fix our energy problem right now. I've got an idea what to do. It might not be a perfect idea, but hell, none of my best ideas have been perfect.

You win with a team, and I'm a good team builder.

We?re flexible, quick on our feet and able to get the job done.

We?re good at weighing all the risks and drivers and handicapping the situation.

USA Today labeled me ?a clean-energy rock star?. An eighty-year-old rock star is more like it. Either way, it was definitely a new look.

Victory ? that?s what it?s about.

We are now spending half a trillion dollars on foreign oil, importing 62 percent of the oil we use, and we haven't had the leadership in D.C. to do anything about it. We've got to move to other sources of energy. But we've gotten way behind, and will continue to pay the fiddler. It's not a good future.

There is no free market for oil.

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T. Boone
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Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.
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American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management