T. Boone Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

T. Boone
Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management

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There is nothing better than being the underdog.

There's no question that tar sands in Canada are probably the largest source of oil available to the U.S. over a long period of time. There's as much oil in the tar sands probably as there is in Saudi Arabia. The problem is, there's a huge capital requirement to develop that.

Those who trade on technical analysis frequently succumb to a pack mentality because their actions are computer-driven or chart-driven, instead of the result of knowledge and experience.

To make the big money, I?ve found it?s best to take a long-term view, stay focused, and not get spooked by the temporary fluctuations in the market. When I have the odds in my favor, I put my money up and keep it up. If the fundamentals change, I get the hell out of there.

To me, emails are a little bit frustrating. I think that the telephone is much preferred because you get the sound of the voice and the interest and everything else you can't see in an email.

Try everything. Do everything. Nuclear. Biomass. Coal. Solar. You name it. I support them all.

The world is running out of cheap oil. It?s a finite and diminishing resource.

The world produces about 85 million barrels a day. That's where demand is now, too. And I've seen forecasts that demand is going to be higher than that by the end of the year.

There are three kinds of managements. Some see changes coming well in advance and may even accelerate the process. Some see changes coming just in time to adjust before it?s too late. Some never see changes coming, so they don?t adjust. The last group gets run over by change, and it almost always comprises the arrogant, iron-headed managements who have had it their way for years? Good-bye to the management that can?t adjust.

There comes a time when the meaning of success changes.

There is always room at the top.

The one thing that? is the difference between success and failure: taking risks.

The thing where you throw the ball and catch the ball ? that?s a pretty neat trick. I?ve done it a few times, but it?s not something you can do consistently.

The top executives seemed to have one thing in common? They were bureaucrats and caretakers who had moved up [the organizational ladder] by avoiding the one thing that to my mind is the difference between success and failure: taking risks.

The world has come a long way from the days when I had to run a cable from a brokerage firm to my office upstairs to get stock quotes, or when in the 1980s, the seven helicopters Mesa had under contract would be dispatched to take film photographs of hurricane damage in the gulf. Today information is instantaneous and extensive.

The older I get, the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you're going to hunt elephants, don't get off the trail for a rabbit.

Temptation scares me to death.

The American people know something is wrong as far as energy is concerned. They don't think they are being told the truth.

The big money is usually in the long term. The most important thing is to stay with your position.

The biggest deterrent to an energy plan in America is Koch Industries. They do not want an energy plan for America because they have the cheapest natural gas price they've ever had, and they're in the fertilizer business and they're in the chemical business. So their margins are huge. And they do not want you to have an energy plan, because if you had a plan, then natural gas prices would come up.

The cheapest natural gas in the world is in the United States.

The feeding trough in America is endless. Everyone can step up. All you have to do is work hard and take advantage of the opportunities you?re given.

The first billion is the hardest.

The more people count me out, the more I count myself in.

Some gifts extend beyond a lifetime, which is the case with my single biggest gift: $165 million to Oklahoma State University?s athletic department.

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T. Boone
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Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.
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American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management