T. Boone Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

T. Boone
Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management

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Show me a good loser and I?ll show you a loser.

Show up early. Work hard. Stay late. Work eight hours and sleep eight hours, and make sure that they are not the same eight hours.

Some companies operate on a two, five or ten year plan. At Mesa, we?re a different company every two years.

Some gifts extend beyond a lifetime, which is the case with my single biggest gift: $165 million to Oklahoma State University?s athletic department.

Some people make a living day trading, but it?s a business I don?t understand.

Sometime, everybody has to learn to sit on their own bottom, she [his mother] said whenever I asked

Risk has always been a part of my life.

Myth No. 1: Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will make us energy independent.

Myth No. 2: Ethanol will save the day.

Myth No. 3: Big Oil is manipulating the price of gas at the pumps.

Myth No. 4: The lack of new refineries in the United States is a main contributor to high gasoline prices.

Myth No. 5: New technology will enable us to discover enormous untapped reservoirs of oil.

Natural gas is a better transportation fuel than gasoline, so if that's the case, it's cheaper, it's cleaner and it's a domestic resource.

Natural gas is better distributed than any other fuel in the United States. It's down every street and up every alley. There's a pipeline.

Natural gas is the best transportation fuel. It's better than gasoline or diesel. It's cleaner, it's cheaper, and it's domestic. Natural gas is 97 percent domestic fuel, North America.

My father was in the oil business? He was a lawyer but soon realized that law was no-where near as exciting as oil. So he became an independent land man, convincing landowners to lease him their mineral rights.

Never Googled myself. I use a computer for market quotes and news, but I've never Googled myself. But I have visited their headquarters.

My grandmother and mother often said, ?Always get your money?s worth, and don?t buy things you don?t need.? I?m good at getting my money?s worth.

On a scale from 1-10, my ambition is probably 11 or 12.

My grandmother, whom I adored, gave me advice, most of which centered on the idea that the best life was ?a life of moderation.? Grandmother was a great believer in the old-fashioned virtues ? hard work, thrift, forthrightness. She owned four rental houses, and one summer she asked me if I wanted to make some money by mowing the lawns. I said, ?Sure.? She asked me to make an offer for the summer. ?Grandmother, I?ll mow them once a week for 10 cents a lawn.? ?Fine,? she said. Within a week, I realized I had sold out cheap, and I thought Grandmother would let me off the hook. She turned me down. ?This will be good training for you,? she said. ?Next time, you?ll think a little longer about what you?re committing to before you jump into it.?

One of the greatest threats ever to face this nation: our crippling dependence on foreign oil.

My life has not lacked for comebacks.

Our biggest problem is leadership.

My marriage was ending in divorce. My assets seemed to be dwindling daily. And no one was more surprised than I when a doctor diagnosed me as clinically depressed. At sixty-eight, I was well past the official age of retirement, and financially I was at a point where most people would be happy to call it quits. Not this cowboy, though. I had a clear goal for my new company, BP Capital: to become a leading commodities fund.

People respond best to conversation. Talking generates ideas and makes companies ? and individuals ? grow.

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T. Boone
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Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.
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American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management