T. Boone Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

T. Boone
Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management

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I?m a believer in informal communication within the company.

I was used to having my back against the wall. But $300 million was a lot of money?

I was very fortunate in my gene mix. The gambling instincts I inherited from my father were matched by my mother's gift for analysis.

I learned important lessons from my high school basketball coach in Amarillo, T. G. Hull. He told us to play all out but not to dwell on either successes or losses. He taught me that when the game is over, it?s over.

I like to think I?m as creative in philanthropy as I am in my business.

I may have been born at night, but it wasn?t last night.

I never did anything dishonest.

I once told a friend, 'This is the kind of market that builds character.' He looked at me and said, "If it gets any worse, you'll have more character than Abe Lincoln.

I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours.

I think I have more patience now than I did in the past.

I understand how difficult it is to find oil. I know how fast it begins to decline once you find it.

I used to say that I had two suits ? a dark one and a light one ? a couple of bird dogs, and a good shotgun, I would be happy. Now I seem to need fifteen suits, two dozen bird dogs, a good shotgun, and a set of golf clubs.

I was at a point where most people would be happy to call it quits. Not this cowboy?

I was now going to succeed or fall on my ass.

I was up to my ass in alligators.

I don't believe in a price on carbon, because the government is going to control it and they're going to fail.

I don't care whether you use natural gas, ethanol, the battery. You can use anything, just so it's American.

I don't go cheap on anything, but I'm not a shopper. If I want something, I look at it, decide what it is, but it will usually be the best product. I've got a pair of loafers that I still wear that I got in 1957.

I don't go looking for somewhere to spend my money. You can step on a tube of toothpaste for a week, if you have to. I spend what I need to and give it away.

I don't like stock buybacks. I think if a company has the money to buy their stock back, then they should take that and increase the dividends. Send it back to the stockholder. Let them invest their money again from the dividends.

I don't need any more money.

I don't think for a minute we went to Iraq for oil. It just so happened that it had oil. But I think we'll come out of the Iraqi situation with a call on their oil at market price.

I felt we needed to grow faster. This could be done either by making a big discovery or by acquisitions. We didn?t have the prospects to make a big discovery, so I began looking at possible companies to acquire?

I find that the more generous I am, the more I get in return, and the more I get in return, the more generous I am.

I fracked over 3,000 wells in my life and never had a problem with an aquifer.

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T. Boone
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Pickens, fully Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.
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American Business Magnate, Financier. Corporate Raider and Takeover Operator, Chairs hedge fund BP Capital Management