Tennessee Williams, fully Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams

Williams, fully Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams

American Playwright, Writer of Fiction

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It's not even about being negative. It's just being unsettled, unsatisfied, unfinished.

Men don’t want anything they get too easy. But on the other hand, men lose interest quickly.

Silence about a thing just magnifies it.

The future is called "perhaps," which is the only possible thing to call the future. And the important thing is not to allow that to scare you.

There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors.

We are all of us born, live and die in the shadow of a giant question mark that refers to three questions: Where do we come from? Why? And where, oh where, are we going!

Why did I write? Because I found life unsatisfactory.

I've always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Mendacity is a system that we live in, declares Brick. Liquor is one way out an' death's the other.

Snatching the eternal out of the desperately fleeting is the great magic trick of human existence.

The helpless can't help the helpless.

There is a time for departure, even when there is no certain place to go.

We are all sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life.

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

Kill all my demons, and my angels might die too.

Morning can always be counted on to bring us back to a more realistic level.

Some mystery should be left in the revelation of character in a play, just as a great deal of mystery is always left in the revelation of character in life, even in one's own character to himself.

The human animal is a beast that dies but the fact that he’s dying don’t give him pity for others, no sir.

There's no better credit card in the world than driving up at a bank door in a Cadillac limousine.

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.

Why don't we meet these people and get to know them as I try to meet and know people in my plays?

Lead them beside still waters because you know how badly they need still waters.

Most of the confidence which I appear to feel, especially when influenced by noon wine, is only a pretense.

Some things are not forgiveable. Deliberate cruelty is not forgiveable. It is the most unforgiveable thing in my opinion, and the one thing in which I have never, ever been guilty.

The human heart would never pass the drunk test... If you took the human heart out of the human body and put a pair of legs on it and told it to walk a straight line, it couldn't do it.

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Williams, fully Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams
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American Playwright, Writer of Fiction