Tony Blair, fully Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

Blair, fully Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

British Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party

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To state a timetable now would simply paralyze the proper working of government, put at risk the changes we are making for Britain and damage the country.

We expected, I expected to find actual usable, chemical or biological weapons after we entered Iraq. But I have to accept, as the months have passed, it seems increasingly clear that at the time of invasion, Saddam did not have stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons ready to deploy.

We should engage with the new de facto power and help make the new government make the changes necessary, especially on the economy, so they can deliver for the people. The events that led to the Egyptian army's removal of President Mohamed Morsi confronted the military with a simple choice: intervention or chaos. Seventeen million people on the streets are not the same as an election. But it as an awesome manifestation of power. I am a strong supporter of democracy. But democratic government doesn't on its own mean effective government. Today efficacy is the challenge. This is a sort of free democratic spirit that operates outside the convention of democracy that elections decide the government. It is enormously fuelled by social media, itself a revolutionary phenomenon. And it moves very fast in precipitating crisis. It is not always consistent or rational. A protest is not a policy, or a placard a programme for government. But if governments don't have a clear argument with which to rebut the protest, they're in trouble.

What people should understand is that I adore the Labour party.

You don't have to keep looking at the future foreign policy in terms, simply, of the past.

Once his wife goes to sleep it takes a minor nuclear explosion to wake her.

People should go about their daily lives, to work, to live, to travel, to shop, to do the things people did in the same way as they did them before 11 September.

She was a rock to me, strong when I was weak, determined when I was tempted to falter, and fierce in her defence of the family.

Terrorist threats are not happening just in this country, but in every European country and every country across the globe. As a result of that, we do sometimes have to take measures we would rather not take in order to give us the security we need.

The document discloses that his military planning allows for some of the WMD to be ready within 45 minutes of an order to use them.

The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order this world around us.

The single hardest thing for a practicing politician to understand is that most people, most of the time, don?t give politics a first thought all day long.

There are millions of young children being educated to a very narrow-minded view of religion. And it's out of that education of large numbers of young people that you then get this extremism.

There were people who got me very involved in politics. But then there was also a book. It was a trilogy, a biography of Trotsky by Isaac Deutscher, which made a very deep impression on me and gave me a love of political biography for the rest of my life.

Today the impulse towards interdependence is immeasurably greater. We are witnessing the beginnings of a new doctrine of international community

We fall for... the theories of betrayal very easily, and one of the things that's always depressed me about the left, ever since I started in politics, is their ability to imbibe the propaganda of the right and regurgitate it to the left.

We will say to ourselves with pride: this is our Dome, Britain's Dome. And believe me, it will be the envy of the world.

What the commission that myself and Leon Panetta is trying to do is analyze this in two respects. First of all, what's the right military response and security response?

You get these insurgent movements of populism, left and right. An insurgent movement of populism took my political party over in the UK for example.

Once, near the end, he asked me whether I thought God wanted him to make the deal that would seal the peace process. I wanted to say yes, but I hesitated; though I was sure God would want peace, God is not a negotiator.

Personally, I have already turned down the Downing St thermostat by 1 degree

She was always a much better lawyer than I was.

That's the art of leadership. To make sure that what shouldn't happen, doesn't happen.

The Donald Trump phenomenon in the U.S. is mirrored completely by the Brexit phenomenon in the U.K. It's very similar forces. And what is interesting to me is there are two different groups that come together, who don't really agree with each other, but have come together in unity against, if you like, what is perceived as the status quo, or - and certainly what is a more center-right or center-left type of politics.

The moment you stigmatize a whole group of people - for example, Muslims - then, obviously, you make the decent, law-abiding Muslims feel as if they're under threat in some way or that their legitimacy, as members [or] citizens of society, is brought into question.

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Blair, fully Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
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British Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party