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The Devil interferes with hurried work. (Meaning: If you hurry your work it will turn out wrong.)

The gardener who loves roses is slave to a thousand thorns.

The nose of him whose guide is a crow will never get out of the shit.

The sheep separated from the flock gets eaten by the wolf. (Used to encourage a person to stay within the group as it plans a move.)

The wind that the sailor likes does not blow at all times.

They made the garlic a bride, its smell did not come out for forty days.

To believe a business impossible is the way to make it so.

Vinegar that is too sour even taints the glass it's kept in.

When it sees money, the flute will play itself.

Who enters the Turkish bath will sweat.

Who seeks a faultless friend remains friendless.

You can find no pomegranates on a willow tree, nor shame in the wicked.

No road is long with good company.

One hand does not clap. Two hands do.

Patience is the key of Paradise.

Stretch your feet according to your blanket. (Used to make a point that one should spend according to his means.)

The devil tempts all, but the idle tempt the devil.

The governor must fill your jars.

The one that falls in to the sea grabs even a snake. (Used to point out that one may have to choose an unpleasant alternative in a dire situation.)

The sheik cannot fly, but his disciple lets him fly.

The wise man says what he knows; the fool doesn't know what he is saying.

They put the blabbermouth in hell, and he shouted The wood is damp!

To listen to a lie is harder than to tell it.

We will burn a blanket to kill a flea.

When the bundles of tobacco are ready, dancing begins.

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