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The raven sees its chickens as falcons.

The tree bearing fruit, gets stoned. (Used to point out that only a productive person trying to do new things gets to be criticized.)

There is no sovereignty like bachelorhood.

Thorns and roses grow on the same tree.

Trees bend when they are young.

What is salt to tasteless food, what is a word to a foolish head?

Where you were born is less important than how you live.

Who is far from the eye will also be far from the heart. (Meaning: One who is out of sight is also out of mind.)

Winnowing is with the wind, wedding is with the people.

You master, I master, who milking this cow?

One bad experience is worth more than a thousand threats.

One who sows wind will reap hurricane. (Used to caution people to moderate their actions.)

Sorrow is to the soul what the worm is to wood

The cheese vessel will not sail merely by words.

The fool castrates himself in order that he could accuse his pregnant wife of adultery.

The luckiest dies in his cradle.

The real capital of a man is a mirror worth two cents.

The tree branch should be bent when it is young. (Used to support the need to train a person early in life.)

There is not a single season without fruit.

Those who conceal their grief find no remedy for it.

Two captains sink the ship.

What is this diet, what is this pickled cabbage? (Used to point out inconsistencies in one's behaviour or words.)

Wherever you go, an okka is four hundred dirhem.

Who kisses the feet of his mother, kisses the step of Paradise.

Wish well, be well.

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