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The forest should be burned when a sapling grows wrongly.

The most difficult master is the servant who became master.

The rose comes from the thorns that were born of roses.

The value of youth will be known in old age.

They asked the wolf: Why is your neck thick?, and it said: I do my job myself, that's why.

To a good rider, right or left makes no difference.

Two watermelons cannot be held under one arm.

When bribery enters through the door, faith goes out through the chimney.

Who does not bother will not have sons and daughters.

Who lies with the blind gets up cross-eyed.

Without effort there is no food.

You’re a master, I’m a master. Who is to milk this cow? (When there are too many bosses, work doesn’t get done.)

No matter how much snow falls, it won't remain there all the way till summer.

One eats, another watches; that's how revolutions are born.

Patience is bitter, but it bears sweet fruit.

Storm in a walnut shell. ( Similar to tempest in a tea cup.)

The Devil interferes with hurried work. (Meaning: If you hurry your work it will turn out wrong.)

The frog saw how the horses were shod, so she also lifted up her foot.

The mouth is not sweetened by saying “Honey, honey.” So the music, so the people.

The sea never buys fish.

The village one can see requires no guide.

They call one generous and make one lose one's property, they call one brave and make one lose one's soul.

To beg of the miser is to dig a trench in the sea.

Vinegar that costs nothing is sweeter than honey.

When God wants to please a poor man, He lets him lose his donkey and then helps him find it again.

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