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Property will not earn life, but life will earn property.

Tell a lie on Saturday and you will be ashamed on Sunday.

The eagle does not feed on flies.

The hare was offended with the mountain, but the mountain did not notice.

The one who enters a Turkish bath sweats. (Used to point out that one's actions determine the consequences and therefore one should not complain about them later.)

The shroud has no pockets. (You can’t take material possessions with you when you die.)

There are many words that are like salted jam.

They sowed if only and if found, and wind and waste sprang up.

To quote lies is also lying.

What a man suffers is the punishment of his tongue.

When violence comes into the house, law and justice leave through the chimney.

Who goes near soot smells of soot, and who goes near musk smells of musk.

Who stands up with anger will sit down with loss.

You cannot get into Paradise without a guide.

None is so rich as that he can throw away a friend.

One must ask about the delight of opium from one who smokes it.

Reversing losses at whatever point is a profit. (Used to point out that best action is to reverse course if one is going down the wrong path.)

Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are!

The earth has ears, the wind has a voice.

The hazelnut emerged from its shell and did not like the look of it.

The physician prescribes the medicine, the vulture waits for the body.

The sound of drums sounds nicely from far away. (People are never satisfied with what they have.)

There is no remedy for what will be and who will die.

They throw stones at a tree with fruit.

To the raven's eye, its chickens look like falcons. (Used to express the feeling that any baby looks beautiful to its mother.)

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