Tzvi Freeman

c. 1959

Canadian Lubavitch Rabbi, Jewish Author, Director of Ask The Rabbi for, Classical Guitarist and Composer

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First of all, Jewish kosher foods are health food for the soul. Just as there are foods that are friendly to your body and foods that harm it, so too there are foods that are soul-friendly while other foods are not-so-friendly. According to the Kabala, eating is a process of purification: When we eat, we separate the coarse material from the Divine energy in the food. Everything in the world contains some sort of Divine energy. But non-kosher foods are too coarse for us to purify by eating. Rather than providing spiritual energy, once metabolized, these non-kosher foods actually stand in the way and block the flow.

You honor the Shabbat with clean clothes and delight in it with fine food and drink.

If you have a sense of purpose, then your chutzpah is going to be in the right place. It?s about saying ?I?m not here just for me? because otherwise you?re going to mess everything up. You have to recognize the world is not about you. There is some purpose, something that you and only you is going to have to get done. So chutzpah is the attitude where you say, ?Nothing is going to stop me from making that [whatever that may be] happen.?

In recent years, astronomers have discovered that not all stars shine. There are some stars of such tremendous density, instead of radiating outwards they only draw light in. Therefore, they have named these stars, ?Black Holes.? Fortunately, the universe has enough Black Holes already. If you have light, shine forth.

Isn?t this the whole meaning of life in this world: To choose between bondage to the material world and believing that your life comes from those many forces, or to choose true life and to believe that all your needs and all your concerns come only from the one Source of All Life.

Our job is not to have faith. We have faith already, whether we want it or not. It comes in our blood from our ancestors who gave their lives for it. Our job is to transport that higher vision that gave them their faith down into our minds, into our personalities, into our words, into our actions in daily life. To make it part of ourselves and our world.

Our souls are not broken that they should need repair, nor deficient that they should need anything added. Our souls need only to be uncovered and allowed to shine.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Prisoners. We are all prisoners. But we sit on the keys. Finitude is our cell. The universe is our prison. Our jail keeper is the Act of Being. The keys to liberation are clenched tightly in the fists of our own egos.

Self-Made Man. The atheist, too, has a god, and it is himself. The idolater at least understands there is something greater than him, something beyond the grasp of his physical senses, some external forces to which he is subject. But for the atheist, all the universe is defined by his own understanding, all ethics are subject to his approval and even he himself is an artifact of his own mind. He is a self-made man, for he creates his own universe and squeezes himself inside it.

The Aura. Each of us builds our own prison or our own palace. Every conscious thought, every utterance of our lips, every interaction of ours with the world leaves its imprint upon an aura that surrounds each of us and stays with us wherever we go. All life, all blessing, all that is transmitted from Above must pass through that aura. Even if it be the greatest of blessings, the aura may distort it into ugly noise. Or it may resonate and amplify it even more. An aura of beauty attracts beauty. An aura of love attracts love. An aura of life and joy attracts unbounded light. Only you are the master of that aura. Only you have the permission and the power at any moment to transform your thoughts from the ugly to the beautiful, your words from bitter to sweet, your deeds from death to life. And so too, your entire world.

The most important renewal of life is that which occurs on Rosh Hashanah. Because that is when all life of the previous year returns to its essential source and a new life, such as was never known before, emerges from the void to sustain existence for an entire year.

All of Jewish philosophy is but an attempt to fit inside the human mind that which is contained within the heart of a simple Jew.

There is an outer Bible ? a story of men and women, of wars and wonders. And there is an inner Bible, according to ancient traditions, in which each word uncovers fathomless wisdom, beauty and light. From the outside, the women of the Bible appear to play only a supportive role in a drama dominated by men. From the inside emerges a story of men manipulated by potent women and nurtured with feminine values. A story that reveals the inner quality of womanhood that transcends the minds of men.

All the mantras are names of Hindu deities and these are forbidden for a Jewish person to utter, regardless of the intent. Nevertheless, I would not replace the mantra with Shema Yisrael or any Hebrew phrase, since these are meant for contemplation and the focus of Siddha Yoga meditation is to quiet the mind. Instead, here's an idea: There is a deeply meditative Chassidic melody called the "Nigun of Three Parts. "The first part is from the Baal Shem Tov, the second from his student the Maggid of Mezritch and the third from the Maggid's student, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi. It seems this is what they used to assist entry into a quiet, meditative state. If you will adopt it, it will assist not only in your meditation and quietness, but to connect your soul to theirs. Try taking the very first phrase of this nigun, which has no words, and hum it quietly to yourself. Just the first phrase--which is half of the first part--slowly, repeatedly, each time followed by silence? Once you have achieved a quietened state of mind, you are in the right frame to contemplate some of the more spiritual concepts you've learnt in depth.

When Man desired to fly, two paths lay before him. To create vehicles lighter than air, or to use the air's resistance to his advantage. In the end, the second path proved more successful. It turns out that when you wish to fly above, resistance is to your advantage. In fact, it carries you higher than the angels.

Beauty cannot be touched. It cannot be described or explained. The more we uncover Beauty, the more it eludes us. Beauty is where the world makes a window for the light of the infinite to shine in.

When you awake in the morning, learn something to inspire you and mediate upon it, then plunge forward full of light with which to illuminate the darkness.

Chutzpah is a kind of cosmic attitude, as though there?s nothing really there stopping you from doing whatever you want.

Wisdom lives in the future, and from there it speaks to us. There is no such thing as wisdom of the past. Wisdom preceded the world and wisdom is its destiny. With each passing moment, wisdom becomes younger, as we come closer to the time when it is born and breathes the air of day. Our ancient mothers and fathers, the sages, all those from whom we learn wisdom -- they are not guardians of the past. They are messengers of the future. Truth can never be old-fashioned. It was never in fashion to begin with.

Despair is the diametric opposite of everything in which we believe --in other words: It is a Denial of Reality. It is a denial that there is a G-d that directs all of his creation and watches over every individual and assists each one in what he must accomplish...

Working for a living is good. It's the anxiety over making a living that is not good. Don't let your inner self get involved in your business. That inner self must be preserved for fulfilling your purpose in life. Making lots of money is not your purpose in life.

Your spiritual career should have at least equal priority to your worldly career.

Once upon a time, scientists assumed they had the keys to absolute knowledge. The last hundred and fifty years has brought us to acknowledge there is no such thing within the realm of standard human perception and reason. When it comes to facts alive and well in the real world, we can make some pretty good stabs at the truth. When it comes to questions of the future, we can make limited speculations. When it comes to knowing the origin of things, empirical materialism is completely out of its realm. Perhaps we are ready today to recognize a place for the inner vision of the prophet and the mystic.

If the cosmos was conceived and incubated in the womb of G-d's mind, at which stage was it born into the time continuum that we measure with our physical senses? Is it conceivable that geological, chemical and organic processes that would take billions of years in our realm could occur within the equivalent of hours or minutes or even nanoseconds--or perhaps zero time--when occurring at a higher state of being but counted from our realm?

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c. 1959

Canadian Lubavitch Rabbi, Jewish Author, Director of Ask The Rabbi for, Classical Guitarist and Composer