Vernon Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard

Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard

American Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher

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You can be totally different. You can have an excitement that never swings over to depression. It is the true excitement of finding yourself. Nothing is more exciting than to watch a fear fade from your mind forever. Nothing is more delightful than to possess self-command in a world of chaos. There is no greater inspiration than to know that you have found the true path at last.

You can either think about yourself or you can study yourself. The difference between the two is the difference between chains and liberty.

You can have a life of stimulation or you can have a life of inspiration.

You are really one note in the Cosmic Music, harmonizing with other notes to form a grand symphony.

You are saved by seeing sin in the present and not pleasures in the future.

You are saved when you invite spiritual perception, which will give you spiritual renewal. The discovery being that truth, God, resides above the way your mind operates in opposites. You rise above the opposites, and truth is there. Your true nature is above your mind. Eventually you won’t think about spirituality. You will know it, you will have it, and you will live it.

You are trying to do with your mind what must be done with the spirit.

Self-awareness attracts harmonious feelings.

The delusion of having wisdom creates the dangerous delusion of having power, leading to disaster.

The need to impress others causes half the world's woes. Don't add to them. Be real, not impressive.

The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.

Think for days about the following thought: Hostility serves no natural need.

Truth does not hurt, rather, it is our resistance to its message that causes pain.

We are exactly where we have chosen to be.

Welcome higher facts without understanding them and in time you will understand.

When you see something, you react in one of two ways. You either react from knowledge, facts, purity, goodness or it falls on hollowness, on nothing that is real and right. Only two reactions - right, wrong; injurious, healthy. Just two, and I hope already you're impressed by your urgent need to never, ever again forget what you just heard because if you suspect, which you do, that something is causing the wrongness, the mistakes, you can begin to build the necessary foundation of facts, of spiritual knowledge, of awakedness, so that no matter what you see, you won't mangle it. You won't misinterpret, misunderstand it, but will have the right reaction of simply knowing what is going on. And that means - oh, this is essential - that means that no matter what you sight out there, what comes into your view, no matter what it is, you never, ever bring yourself into it as part of the reaction. If you do that, you have wrecked the experience.

Self-centeredness is incapable of learning a lesson from an experience, having only a wish to feel a neurotic thrill.

The feeling of self-worth of every person is like an elevator, right? Your feeling of self-value goes up, stays up for a short time, plunges down again. Something favorable comes across your path and the elevator goes up. Up and down. Up and down. Always restless. Never stable, never still. Always making a racket and making movements. This a form of self-betrayal, which you have not as yet detected.

The next time you feel pushed around by life, ask who is the pusher and who is the pushed?

The truly practical person is the one who is trying to understand and end his inner warfare.

Think of this one important sentence and reflect on it often: TOO MUCH OF ME IN MY LIFE.

Truth is aware of man’s fears, but never accepts them as his necessary or permanent condition.

We are frustrated because we demand our answer over the answer.

What a dawning appears to the man or woman who earnestly inquires, 'Who is living my life for me?' Am I really thinking for myself or am I unknowingly projecting acquired ideas which may be all wrong?

Whenever troubled about something, ask yourself, “Exactly who is troubled?” Now, if this troubled person does not truly represent your real nature, could the trouble exist except in wrong thinking? No, it could not. Do not pass by this idea. Stick with it for all you are worth, for it is the secret of secrets.

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Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard
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American Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher