Vernon Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard

Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard

American Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher

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Truth replies only when first hearing sincere questions, and how few it hears.

We clearly realize that freedom’s inner kingdom cannot be touched by exterior attacks.

When I really want to hear something outside of myself, I will.

You are free when you have no anxious thoughts about what happens to you.

Serve your true interest, not your self-interest.

The last thing on earth which should bother you is the sudden failure of your carefully laid plans. Do not take your plans as being you and the disruption of any plan will be as nothing to you. Your plans are not you; they only appear to be so because of that human mistake called identification.

The other person has a right to his own life and you have no right to demand that he give it to your neurosis.

There exists a special self which takes every event as if it were the very thing you wanted to happen. That self is the Supermind which is never upset by anything. Your goal is to nourish it into greater strength. Then, every step is sunlit.

To place the universe on your side means: To be aware of cosmic forces already with you, which need to be awakened, revealed, put to practical use. To realize that the placing of these forces on your own side is the same as putting yourself on your own side, for a mind divided against itself cannot stand. To admit to a power above our own humanness, which we refuses to do whenever we meet events with resistance, instead of understanding.

Try not thinking about happiness and a purposeful life. It is possible to be happy and purposeful, but not with a hypnotized mind.

We find the light only after total defeat of our attempts to deceive and outwit it.

When someone hints that he will turn against you unless you please him, invite him to turn against you at once and with full force.

You are learning to meet every experience as if it has no power to cause distress, for it is in fact powerless.

Since understanding can be acquired, the tyrant need not be endured.

The leap is made by dropping vanity over knowledge and by a willingness to become nothing in order to become everything.

The power of fantasy is so strong that people think they are having a good time when they are merely wasting money.

There is a way out of the human problem and anyone can find it.

To understand life, all you need to do is study what comes your way. See it and let revelation come to you.

Try to see what attitudes rule your day, then ask what kind of a day you usually have.

We learn to escape from self-defeating behavior in small ways at first. You can do this by thinking of present situations where you now say YES but wish you could stop. Recall several small situations. Perhaps you have agreed to meet regularly with a friend or relative but realize that it is really a burden. Maybe you agreed to take the leadership in a certain project but now you wish you had declined. You now know WHERE you must say NO. The next step is also clear. SAY NO. Make the necessary contact and resign. Just like that. Do it even if you feel nervous about it. Don’t listen to your timidity. Do what is right. Do you know what you are doing! You are getting your life back!

When someone screams out to affirm his position, it is not the position which he values, but the screaming itself. He screams to try to convince himself that he has a position that is real and beneficial. His actual position is in the center of delusion. He is a prisoner in the castle’s dungeon, hallucinating that his position is on the castle’s throne.

You are not really bothered by what others think of you. You are bothered by what you think of yourself.

Staying home (spiritually) is where a true spiritual hero is. Don’t go into thought.

The less life in a person, the more he will try to live off your life.

The power of the present moment is so immense it is capable - when lived in fully - of destroying forever every past mistake and regret.

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Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard
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American Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher