Vernon Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard

Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard

American Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher

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Have the daring to stop doing the things you really don’t want to do. Can you see them? Look closely. Can you observe the many things you do because you reluctantly feel you should or must? Watch closely. Examine every action and reaction. Do you act naturally or do you act because you feel compelled? If you feel compelled, stop. Compulsion is slavery. Example: Refuse to go along with the crowd.

If a man is insane, and two hundred million people claim he is sane, he is still insane.

Ignorance is inferior to intelligence. Intelligence is superior to ignorance.

It is entirely possible for you to live unburdened by one crisis after another.

Like a thermometer people’s feelings rise or fall according to the social atmosphere. Never living from themselves, they remain at the mercy of exterior events. Everything outside tells them how to feel inside. They are slaves to bad news, or an angry look, or an unexpected change of plans. And, of course, the more a man is influenced by exterior events, the more he will angrily insist that no one tells him what to do. It is not necessary to live like a mindless thermometer. Any man can learn to live from himself.

Never accept the gloomy attitudes of unhappy people.

One man is the echo of the next man, both wrongly assuming they are original sources.

Realize that ordinary thoughts cannot contact God. This explains why past attempts to reach higher help have failed. Usual thought is filled with egotism, which blocks contact.

Have you ever been nice to someone in order to keep him in your life, only to see him suddenly turn against you? Being nice to someone, pleasing him, has no influence whatever in changing his nature from bad to good. It is useless and unnecessary to try to change others, for nature-change must include self-change. You will never again waste your days or be betrayed if you remember that you have no real need for a harmful or sour man or woman.

If I am involved with Judas I am Judas.

Immature man is like a frightened child, alone in a darkening room, not seeing the nearby light switch.

It is just as much a mistake to feel unworthy as to feel superior, for both cling to a false sense of self.

Little by little, step by step, see what happens to you as you deliberately abandon your rage and hostility.

Never anchor yourself to anything, for only in detachment can you feel what you really want to feel.

One of man's most amazing self-deceptions is his pretense of having self-control while his life flies apart before his very eyes.

Realize that truth disturbs in order to cure.

Have you noticed that you never succeed in convincing yourself that the problem is out there?

If I don’t have a compulsive need to appear successful, what do I care if you make more money than I? If I have no unhealthy attraction to shallow social functions, does it bother me if I get no invitations? If I have freedom from fearful dependency upon persons and objects, will I be pained if you no longer wish to be my friend? If my artificial needs fall away through self-insight, do I need to think about these things at all? No. If my false sense of I has dissolved, who is there to suffer or complain?

In a false man, thought is the king and the spirit is considered an enemy.

It is not a disaster to discover that you are not the person you assumed you were. To the contrary, it is the beginning of the end of disaster. Experiment: How you feel if you were neither a success or failure in life? How would you feel if you were neither popular nor unwanted?

Live freshly every moment by seeing that mere thoughts about a past experience do not create a present reality.

Never let other people tell you who you are.

One of our greatest enemies is secret resentment. Freedom begins as we become conscious of it.

Refusal is the way to heaven.

Hearing truth is not the same as understanding it.

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Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard
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American Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher