Zohar or The Zohar, literally "Splendor or Radiance"

Zohar or The Zohar, literally "Splendor or Radiance"
13th Century

Jewish Mystical Writings known in the literature as Kabbalah

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Comment from Deva Deep: At this moment there are several new sources stating the same and I will refer to some of them on the other pages. But a miracle in itself is that these quotations are ancient and at the same time completely in accordance with the spirit of this time. The Zohar even predicts what is happening now and contributes greatly to reach the critical mass for the transformation of human kind.

If you wish to strengthen a lie, mix a little truth in with it.

Rabbi Aba said that the words, ?living creatures? refer to Yisrael, because they are children of the Holy One, blessed be He, from whom their holy souls originate. He asked: From where do the souls of idolatrous nations originate? Rabbi Elazar said: Their souls come from the forces of the left, who defile them. Therefore, they are all impure and convey impurity to those who come close to them. ? Rabbi Elazar added, This supports our statement that ?living soul? refers to Israel, who are holy supernal living souls. The words ?Cattle and creeping things and Chayot of the earth? (Beresheet 1:24) refer to the idolatrous nations, which are not living souls. Rather, they are, as we have said, drawn from the forces of the left, which defile them. All souls must undergo transmigration and the souls of men revolve like a stone which is thrown from a sling, so many turns before the final release...Only those who have not completed their perfection must suffer the wheel of rebirth by being reborn into another human body.

The Torah is the Light of the Creator, and only a person who receives this light is considered as learning Torah (rather than just acquiring mere wisdom).

When a miracle occurs, a channel is opened and never closed, so that the power of the miracle can easily be called upon forever thereafter.

Elijah began to praise God, saying: "Lord of the universe! You are One but are not numbered. You are Higher than the highest. You are the Mystery above all mysteries. No thought can grasp You at all.

In the beginning, when the Will of the King began to take effect, He impressed His signs into the heavenly sphere. Within the Most Hidden, the Infinite (En Sof), a dark flame issued forth, like a fog forming in the Unformed. Forming the concentric ring of that [first] sphere, [this flame was] neither white nor black, neither red nor green, of no color whatever. Only after this flame began to assume size and dimension, did it produce radiant colors. From the innermost center of the flame gushed forth a host of colors which spread on everything beneath. Concealed within all was the hidden mystery of the Infinite (En Sof.

Rabbi Akiva said, ?If a rock, though extremely hard, can be hollowed out by water, how much more so should it be possible for The Light, which is compared to water, to change my heart. I will begin to study it, and try to become a scholar of The Light."

The transformation of your being from what it is now to what the Creator wants and intends for you from a being of self-serving desire into one of desire for the purpose of sharing with others.

When a person, by means of his studies, reaches the level at which he wants nothing but spiritual elevation and at which he accepts only the bare necessities of life in order to sustain his physical existence, not for pleasure?s sake, this is the first step of his ascent to the spiritual world.

Elijah opened and said: "Master of the worlds! You are One, but not in number. You are He Who is Highest of the High, Most Hidden of the Hidden; no thought can grasp You at all...And there is no image or likeness of You, inside or out...And aside from You, there is no unity on High or Below. And You are acknowledged as the Cause of everything and the Master of everything...And You are the completion of them all. And as soon as You remove Yourself from them, all the Names remain like a body without a soul...All is to show how You conduct the world, but not that You have a known righteousness that is just, nor a known judgement that is merciful, nor any of these attributes at all...Blessed is God forever, amen and amen!

In the days of Rabbi Yosi, there were bandits who robbed people in the mountains, along with bandits from other nations of the world. When they found someone, they seized him for the purpose of killing him. They said to him: What is your name? If he was a Jew, they accompanied him, bringing him out and away from the mountains. But if he was not a Jew, they killed him. Rabbi Yosi said: Nevertheless, they are yet suitable to enter the world to come and attain its life.

Rabbi Shimon said, ?I wonder about the people in the world: they have neither eyes to see nor hearts to observe, and they do not know and are not attentive regarding their Master?s will. They sleep and are not awakening from their slumber before that day comes when darkness and gloom cover them and the lender demands His bill of them.

The true purpose of humanity in general, and of every human being, is to connect with the Light of the Creator in greater and greater intensity, and eventually to literally become one with the Light. But creating this connection with the Light is not simply a matter of gaining access to it. Making ourselves ready to receive the Light means "preparing the vessel" into which the Light will flow. It means taking positive action in the everyday conduct of our lives. It means replacing desire to receive for ourselves alone with desire to receive in order to share, and loving others as we love ourselves. As the great sage Hillel said, "The rest is commentary."

When a soul comes down from Heaven, it is both male and female. The male aspects enter a male child and the female aspects enter a female child. If they are deserving, God will cause them to find each other and to join in marriage. This is a true union.

Every soul is subject to the trial of Transmigration... An individual does not know that he is called for assessment before entering this World as well as after leaving it. He does not know how many transformations and esoteric trials he has to pass through... and that souls revolve like a stone shot from a sling.

In the last generations that will come, the law will be forgotten from among them. Then wise at heart will gather in their places, and none will be found who will close and open the Torah. Woe unto that generation. Henceforth there will not be as this generation until the arrival of the generation of the Messiah, the knowledge awakens in the world, as it is written, ?For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.?

Rav Kook said, "Therefore, the pure righteous do not complain of the dark, but increase the light; they do not complain of evil, but increase justice; they do not complain of heresy, but increase faith; they do not complain of ignorance, but increase wisdom."

The truth always turns out to be more wonderful than anything we could have imagined.

When Abraham saw the sun issuing in the morning from the east, he was first moved to think that that was God, and said, "This is the King that created me," and worshipped it the whole day. In the evening when the sun went down and the moon commenced to shine, he said, "Verily this rules over the orb which I worshipped the whole day, since the latter is darkened before it and does not shine any more." So he served the moon all that night. In the morning when he saw the darkness depart and the east grow light, he said, "Of a surety there is a King who rules over all these orbs and orders them."

Everything that the Creator does in the land is with wisdom, and it is all in order to teach people the upper wisdom, so they will learn the secrets of the wisdom from those deeds. And everything is as it should be, and all His deeds are the ways of the Torah, since the ways of the Torah are the ways of the Creator, and there is no small thing that does not have several ways, routes, and secrets of the upper wisdom.

In the Zohar as well as in the Bible, names are linked not only to an individual's physical identity but also to his level of spiritual elevation. People's names tell us not only who they are in the world, but also where they are on the ascending path toward God.

So much energy is wasted by humankind in the pursuit of things that are ultimately meaningless, while we avoid experiences that can foster spiritual growth.

The wisdom that one should know: to know and to observe the secret of his Master, to know himself, to know who he is, how he was created, where he comes from and where he is going, how the body is corrected, and how he will be judged by the King of All.

When God thought of making man, He said: ?Let us make man in our image, etc.? i.e. He intended to make him head over the celestial beings, who were to be his deputies, like Joseph over the governors of Egypt. The angels thereupon began to malign him and say, ?What is man that Thou shouldst remember him, seeing that he will assuredly sin before Thee.? Said God to them, ?If ye were on earth like him, ye would sin worse.?

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Zohar or The Zohar, literally "Splendor or Radiance"
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13th Century

Jewish Mystical Writings known in the literature as Kabbalah