Prayer in the hour of need is a great boon. From simple trials to our Gethsemanes, prayer can put us in touch with God, our greatest source of comfort and counsel.

The great task of life is to learn the will of the Lord and then do it.

Any organization or any individual that targets civilians and kills them for political agenda is a terrorist organization.

To those who are longing for a higher life, who deeply feel the need of religious satisfactions, we suggest that there is a way in which the demands of the head and the heart may be reconciled. Religion is not necessarily allied with dogma, a new kind of faith is possible, based not upon legend and tradition, not upon the authority of any book, but upon the moral nature of man.

Sometimes it is better to give your apple away, than to eat it yourself.

Sons may look and behave like their fathers. This is due to inheritance and the example observed closely and daily.

Voice of one, voice of none.

We learn by teaching.

Who troubles others has no rest himself.

With the Gospel men may become heretics.

(a) That life had a supernatural origin, (b) That it originated from inorganic materials, and (c) That life is a constituent of the Universe and can only arise from pre-existing life. The first hypothesis, he said, should be taken seriously, and he would proceed to do so. From the fact that there are 400,000 species of beetle on this planet, but only 8,000 species of mammals, he concluded that the Creator, if he exists, has a special preference for beetles, and so we might be more likely to meet them than any other type of animal on a planet which would support life.

A real taste for fairy-stories was wakened by philology on the threshold of manhood, and quickened to full life by war.