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It is easy to condemn; it is better to pity. - Francis Ellington Abbot
Prevention is so much better than healing. - Thomas Adams
There is nothing in the world better for the purification of the soul than the curbing of idle talk. - Agnon Schmuel Yoseph Agnon, pseudonym of Samuel Joseph Czaczkes
There is no shame in having fallen. Nor any shame in being born into a lowly estate. There is only shame in not struggling to rise. And also shame for not wishing to attain the better. Or not dreaming about it and praying for it. - Samuel Amalu
Better is bread with a happy heart than riches with vexation. - Amen-em-apt
Better is the praise and love of men than riches in the storehouse. - Amen-em-apt
Can you walk on water? You have done no better than a straw. Can you fly in the air? You have done no better than a bluebottle. Conquer your heart; then you may become somebody. - Khajah Abdullah Ansari of Herat, Abu Ismaïl Abdullah ibn Abi-Mansour Mohammad or Khajah Abdullah Ansari of Herat
When... the thing in which there is good is nobler than the soul itself, in which is the idea understood, by comparison with such a thing the will is higher than the intellect. But when the thing which is good is less noble than the soul, then even in comparison with the thing the intellect is higher than the will. Therefore the love of God is better than the knowledge of God; but, on the contrary, the knowledge of corporeal things is better than the love of them. Absolutely, however, the intellect is nobler than the will. -
A man who truly wants to make the world better should start by improving himself and his attitudes. - Fred de Armond
Pampered vanity is a better thing perhaps than starved pride. - Joanna Baillie
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