The whole drift of my education goes to persuade me that the world of our present consciousness is only one out of many worlds of consciousness that exist, and that those other worlds must contain experiences which have a meaning for our life also; and that although in the main their experiences and those of this world keep discrete, yet the two become continuous at certain points, and higher energies filter in.

Now I'll set my teeth, and send to darkness all that stop me.

O thou that dost inhabit in my breast, leave not the mansion so long tenantless; lest, growing ruinous, the building fall and leave no memory of what it was!

She looks like sleep, as she would catch another Antony in her strong toil of grace.

Since you know you cannot see yourself so well as by reflection, I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself that of yourself which yet you know not of.

Such an exploit have I in hand, Ligarius, Had you a healthful ear to hear of it. Julius Caesar (Brutus at II, i)

The American people can have anything they want; the trouble is, they don't know what they want.

His tawny beard was thÂ’ equal grace both of his wisdom and his face; in cut and dye so like a tile, a sudden view it would beguile; the upper part thereof was whey, the nether, orange mixt with gray.