Judaism looks upon all human beings as children of one Father; thinks of them as all created in the image of God, and insists that a man be judged not by his religion, but his action.

Whatever you do, put romance and enthusiasm into the life of our children.

A segregated school system produces children who when they graduate, graduate with crippled minds.

We receive love - from our children as well as others - not in proportion to our demands or sacrifices or needs, but roughly in proportion to our own capacity to love. And our capacity to love depends, in turn, upon our prior capacity to be persons in our own right. To love means, essentially, to give; and to give requires a maturity of self-feeling. Love is shown in the statement of Spinoza's... that truly loving God does not involve a demand for love in return. It is the attitude referred to by the artist Joseph Bender: "To produce art requires that the artist be able to love - that is to give without thought of being rewarded."

Respect the children of the poor! From them come most poets.

The secret cruelties that parents visit upon their children are past belief.

What's done to children, they will do to society.

A father is very miserable who has no other hold on his children's affection than the need they have of his assistance, if that can be called affection.

I believe the recipe for happiness to be just enough money to pay the monthly bills you acquire, a little surplus to give you confidence, a little too much work each day, enthusiasm for your work, a substantial share of good health, a couple of real friends, and a wife and children to share life's beauty with you.

The United States in the 1980s may be the first society in history in which children are distinctly worse off than adults.

The plays of natural lively children are the infancy of art. Children live in a world of imagination and feeling. They invest the most insignificant object with any form they please, and see in it whatever they wish to see.

There are children playing in the street who could solve some of my top problems in physics... they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.

Most ideas are step-by-step children of other ideas.

One of the most difficult lessons parents have to learn is this one: Children are only loaned for a brief term of infancy and childhood. Soon they become people, strangers in the home, and instead of children to be directed they are grown-ups to be studied, understood and accepted. The acceptance is never quite complete on either side, but affection will bridge the gap if it is permitted to do so.

[On children] Above all things endeavor to breed them up in the love of virtue, and that holy plain way of it which we have lived in, that the world in no part of it get into my family. I had rather they were homely than finely bred as to outward behavior; yet I love sweetness mixed with gravity, and cheerfulness tempered with sobriety.

All children wear the sign: 'I want to be important NOW.' Many of our juvenile delinquency problems arise because nobody reads the sign.

A lot of history is just dirty politics cleaned up for the consumption of children and other innocents.

No school is more necessary to children than patience, because either the will must be broken in childhood or the heart in old age.

There are times when God asks nothing of his children except silence, patience, and tears.

If you can give your children a trust in God they will have one sure way of meeting all the uncertainties of existence.