Random Quotes

William Shakespeare

Shall I not take mine ease in mine inn, but I shall have my pocket picked?

William Shakespeare

Sorrow ebbs, being blown with wind of words.

Sanaya Roman

Never before have there been so many paths, so many possibilities, and the opportunity to choose what reality you want to experience. The most important aspect of these new energies is the opportunity they offer for joy, growth, and aliveness. They will help you awaken to the multidimensional being you are, tap into the greater plan of humanity?s evolution, and discover the part you came to play in these wonderful, exciting times of transformation.

William Ashley “Billy” Sunday

More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent.

Leo Tolstoy, aka Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy or Tolstoi

He thought of nothing, wished for nothing, but not to be left behind the peasants, and to do his work as well as possible. He heard nothing but the swish of scythes, and saw before him Tit's upright figure mowing away, the crescent-shaped curve of the cut grass, the grass and flower heads slowly and rhythmically falling before the blade of his scythe, and ahead of him the end of the row, where would come the rest. Suddenly, in the midst of his toil, without understanding what it was or whence it came, he felt a pleasant sensation of chill on his hot, moist shoulders. He glanced at the sky in the interval for whetting the scythes. A heavy, lowering storm cloud had blown up, and big raindrops were falling. Some of the peasants went to their coats and put them on; others--just like Levin himself--merely shrugged their shoulders, enjoying the pleasant coolness of it. Another row, and yet another row, followed--long rows and short rows, with good grass and with poor grass. Levin lost all sense of time, and could not have told whether it was late or early now. A change began to come over his work, which gave him immense satisfaction. In the midst of his toil there were moments during which he forgot what he was doing, and it came all easy to him, and at those same moments his row was almost as smooth and well cut as Tit's. But so soon as he recollected what he was doing, and began trying to do better, he was at once conscious of all the difficulty of his task, and the row was badly mown.

Wayne Dyer, fully Wayne Walter Dyer

Self-worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy.

Victor Hugo

A skeptic adhering to a believer is as simple as the law of complementary colors. What we lack attracts us. Nobody loves the light like the blind man.

Zora Neale Hurston

He looked like the love thoughts of women. He could be a bee to a blossom-a pear tree blossom in the spring. He seemed to be crushing scent out of the world with his footsteps. Crushing aromatic herbs with every step he took. Spices hung about him. He was a glance from God.

Seneca the Younger, aka Seneca or Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Do everything as in the eye of another.

William Shakespeare

He cannot buckle his distempered cause within the belt of rule. Macbeth, Act v, Scene 2

Thomas Boston

The promises are the rule and encouragement of prayer...regulate our prayers...God's bills and bonds to his people, and by them he shows what he allows us to ask of him.

Nicholas Copernicus

Therefore on long pondering this uncertainty of mathematical traditions on the deduction of the motions of the system of the spheres, I began to feel disgusted that no more certain theory of the motions of the mechanisms of the universe, which has been established for us by the best and most systematic craftsman of all, was agreed by the philosophers, who otherwise theorized so minutely with most careful attention to the details of this system. I therefore set myself the task of reading again the books of all philosophers which were available to me, to search out whether anyone had ever believed that the motions of the spheres of the, universe were other than was supposed by those who professed mathematics in the schools.

Georges Cuvier, fully Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric Cuvier

Those who devote themselves to the peaceful study of nature have but little temptation to launch out upon the tempestuous sea of ambition; they will scarcely be hurried away by the more violent or cruel passions, the ordinary failings of those ardent persons who do not control their conduct; but, pure as the objects of their researches, they will feel for everything about them the same benevolence which they see nature display toward all her productions.

S'rîmad Bhâgavatam, aka Bhâgavata Purâna or Bhāgavata

Nothing else but the attainment of Your feet, the very form of liberation, does benefit the person who has to fear from all sides o Lord; we know that Brahmâ, whose time takes two parârdhas, on account of this is most afraid, afraid because of the Time that You are - and what to speak of the worldly entities created by him?

Neil Postman

Children enter school as question marks and leave as periods.

Saint Augustine, aka Augustine of Hippo, St. Austin, Bishop of Hippo

The Bible was composed in such a way that as beginners mature, its meaning grows with them.

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

What do I care if you are good? Be beautiful! and be sad!

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

No families take so little medicine as
those of doctors.

Creole Proverbs

Rude kids grow beards in the cemetery.

Woody Allen, formally Heywood "Woody" Allen, born Allan Stewart Konigsberg

If my films don't show a profit, I know I'm doing something right.

Stephen Vincent Benét

Money is sullen And wisdom is sly, But youth is the pollen That blows through the sky And does not ask why.

Mark Twain, pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens

One frequently only finds out how really beautiful a really beautiful woman is after considerable acquaintance with her; and the rule applies to Niagara Falls, to majestic mountains, and to mosques--especially to mosques..

Pablo Casals, fully Pau Casals i Defilló

I have always regarded manual labor as creative and looked with respect - and, yes, wonder - at people who work with their hands. It seems to me that their creativity is no less than that of a violinist or painter.

Paul Samuelson, fully Paul Anthony Samuelson

Reasonable men are not reasonable when you're in the bubbles which have characterized capitalism since the beginning of time.

Helena Blavatsky, aka Helena Petrovna "H.P." Blavatsky or Madame Blavatsky, born Helena von Hahn

There is no miracle. Everything that happens is the result of law -- eternal, immutable, ever active.