Random Quotes

Ernest Becker

Once the person begins to look to his relationship to the Ultimate Power, to infinitude, and to refashion his links from those around him to that Ultimate Power, he opens up to himself the horizon of unlimited possibility, of real freedom. This is Kierkegaard's mes­sage, the culmination of his whole argument about the dead-ends of character, the ideal of health, the school of anxiety, the nature of real possibility and freedom. One goes through it all to arrive at faith, the faith that one's very creatureliness has some meaning to a Creator; that despite one's true insignificance, weakness, death, one's existence has meaning in some ultimate sense because it exists within an eternal and infinite scheme of things brought about and maintained to some kind of design by some creative force. Again and again throughout his writings Kierkegaard repeats the basic formula of faith: one is a creature who can do nothing, but one exists over against a living God for whom "everything is possible."

Will Durant, fully William James "Will" Durant

Religious doctrine were determined not by the logic of a few but by the needs of the many; they were a frame of belief within which the common man, inclined by nature to a hundred unsocial actions, could be formed in to a being sufficiently disciplined and self-controlled to make society and civilization possible.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Let us allow God to act; He brings things to completion when we least expect it.

Huston Smith, fully Huston Cummings Smith

The most powerful moral influence is example.

Billy Collins, born William James Collins

They were mostly kind of pothead poems. [...] I wrote very short poems in those days. I thought writing poetry was like blowing out birthday candles — you had to do it in one breath.

Richard Sibbes (or Sibbs)

Whatsoever is good for God's children they shall have it, for all is theirs to further them to heaven; therefore, if poverty be good, they shall have it; if disgrace be good, they shall have it; if crosses be good, they shall have them; if misery be good, they shall have it; for all is ours, to serve for our greatest good.

Samuel Smiles

To think we are able is almost to be so; to determine upon attainment is frequently attainment itself; earnest resolution has often seemed to have about it almost a savor of omnipotence.

Imogen Heap

Over and over again, more and more for the pain to release himself, from this shell

Alfred North Whitehead

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.

T. E. Lawrence, fully Thomas Edward Lawrence

There could be no honor in sure success, but much might be wrested from a sure defeat

Samuel Johnson, aka Doctor Johnson

Piety is the only proper and adequate relief of decaying man. He that grows old without religious hopes, as he declines into imbecility, and feels pains and sorrows crowding upon him, falls into a gulf of bottomless misery, in which every reflection must plunge him deeper and deeper.

They Might Be Giants

We are the shitty Beatles. (John Linnell)

Publius Syrus

A beautiful face [fair exterior] is a mute recommendation.

Haim Ginott, fully Haim G. Ginott, orignially Ginzburg

When forced to study, children use their ingenuity to get through school without learning.

Thomas Merton

A man who fails well is greater than one who succeeds badly.

Ram Dass, aka Baba Ram Dass, born Richard Alpert

There is something in humanity that goes to the brink

Richard Jefferies, fully John Richard Jefferies

The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty are the only hours when we really live.

Louisa May Alcott

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.

Mahatma Gandhi, fully Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, aka Bapu

When restraint and courtesy are added to strength, the latter becomes irresistible.

Sa'di (or Saadi), pen name of Abū-Muḥammad Muṣliḥ al-Dīn bin Abdallāh Shīrāzī, born Muslih-uddin

The greedy man is not content with a whole world set before him.

Dave Barry, fully David McAlister "Dave" Barry

What I do, first thing [in the morning], is I hop into the shower stall. Then I hop right back out, because when I hopped in I landed barefoot right on top of See Threepio, a little plastic robot character from "Star Wars" whom my son, Robert, likes to pull the legs off of while he showers. Then I hop right back into the stall because our dog, Earnest, who has been alone in the basement all night building up powerful dog emotions, has come bounding and quivering into the bathroom and wants to greet me with 60 or 70 thousand playful nips, any one of which -- bear in mind that I am naked and, without my contact lenses, essentially blind -- could result in the kind of injury where you have to learn a whole new part if you want to sing the "Messiah", if you get my drift. Then I hop right back out, because Robert, with that uncanny sixth sense some children have -- you cannot teach it; they either have it or they don't -- has chosen exactly that moment to flush one of the toilets. Perhaps several of them.

William Ernest Hocking

I am in thy soul. These things around me are in thy experience. They are thy own; when I touch them and move them I change thee. When I look on them I see what thou seest; when I listen I hear what thou hearest. I am in the great room of thy soul; and I experience thy very experience.

Rupert Sheldrake, fully Alfred Rupert Sheldrake

I don't claim to explain all these things or to understand them. I say, here's what seems to be going on.

Plautus, full name Titus Maccius Plautus

If you have a sword, we have a toasting-fork at home.

Chinese Proverbs

The clever have more, the stupid less, than enough.