Random Quotes

Margaret Atwood, fully Margaret Eleanor Atwood

Something is unfolding, being revealed to me. I see that there's a whole world of of girls and their doings that has been unknown to me, and that I can be part of without making any effort at all. I don't have to keep up with anyone, run as fast, aim as well, make loud explosive noises, decode messages, die on cue. I don't have to think about whether I do these things well, as well as a boy. All I have to do is sit on the floor and cut frying pans out of the Eaton's Catalogue with embroidery scissors, and say I've done it badly.

JK Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling

Harry, suffering like this proves you are still a man! This pain is part of being human ? THEN ? I ? DON?T ? WANT ? TO ? BE ? HUMAN! Harry roared.

Ovid, formally Publius Ovidius Naso

Blemishes are hid by night and every fault forgiven; darkness makes any woman fair.

Italian Proverbs

The end of the pig is the beginning of the sausage.


Benevolence is the characteristic element of humanity, and the great exercise of it is in loving relatives.

Ezra Taft Benson

Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any earthly possession. As a United States citizen I believe it is guaranteed in our heaven-inspired Constitution.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The poet should size the Particular, and he should, if there be anything sound in it, thus represent the Universal.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I want them poor and they deserve to be poor. You can't have capitalism without punishment.

Sathya Sai Baba, fully Sri Sathya Sai Baba

An Avatar is capable of all things at all times. Yet, the Avatar will not undertake to demonstrate His powers all the time. The Avatar will exercise such powers only when exceptional circumstances demand it, and will shed Grace on a deserving person alone.

Buckminster Fuller, fully Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller

Love is metaphysical gravity.

William Shakespeare

What a devil hast thou to do with the time of the day? Unless hours were cups of sack, and minutes capons, and clocks the tongues of bawds, and dials the signs of leaping-houses, and the blessed sun himself a fair hot wench in flame-colored taffeta, I see no reason why thou shouldst be so superfluous to demand the time of the day.

Joan Didion

The future always looks good in the golden land, because no one remembers the past.

Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began.

Helen Keller. aka Helen Adams Keller

Most people measure their happiness in terms of physical pleasure and material possession. Could they win some visible goal which they have set on the horizon, how happy they could be! Lacking this gift or that circumstance, they would be miserable. If happiness is to be so measured, I who cannot hear or see have every reason to sit in a corner with folded hands and weep. If I am happy in spite of my deprivations, if my happiness is so deep that it is a faith, so thoughtful that it becomes a philosophy of life, — if, in short, I am an optimist, my testimony to the creed of optimism is worth hearing.

T. S. Eliot, fully Thomas Sterns Eliot

And what the dead had no speech for, when living, they can tell you, being dead: the communication of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.

Peter Diamandis, fully Peter H. Diamandis

Suddenly Google can help you find your car keys. Stolen property becomes a thing of the past. When your house is running out of toilet paper or cleaning products or espresso beans, it can automatically reorder supplies. If prosperity is really saved time, then the Internet of things is a big pot of gold.

Russian Proverbs

On an empty belly every burden is heavy.

William Shakespeare

Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field,

Glenn Beck, fully Glenn Lee Beck

Let me tell you something, the end game, Paul, for Congress and this president ? and I don't know how many members of Congress even realize the game that they are either being used in or a pawn in. But believe me, they'll take the universal health care coverage over what skin they do have in it. They're going to come out ? this system is going to come out the other side dictorial [sic] ? it is going to come out a fascist state.

Romanian Proverbs

An idle youth, a needy age.

Yuval Noah Harari

The modern world fails to square liberty with equality.

Pierre Cornielle

What destroys one man preserves another.

Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.

Frazier is so ugly that he should donate his face to the US Bureau of Wildlife.

Vincent van Gogh, fully Vincent Willem van Gogh

I myself believe that there is in every painter's life a period of making absurdities. In my case I think that period is already long past.

Jane Hirshfield

The secret of understanding poetry is to hear poetry's words as what they are: the full self's most intimate speech, half waking, half dream. You listen to a poem as you might listen to someone you love who tells you their truest day. Their words might weep, joke, whirl, leap. What's unspoken in the words will still be heard. It's also the way we listen to music: You don't look for extractable meaning, but to be moved.