Random Quotes

Martin Luther

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.

Charles De Montesquieu, formally Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu

The less men think, the more they talk.

Vernon Howard, fully Vernon Linwood Howard

Right knowledge comes only from God. You will never get anything right from another human being.

David Attenborough, fully Sir David Frederick Attenborough

The idea that the Lord had given us a present, that the world is a gift from God... well, the amount of stuff, back then that the Lord was giving away was limited. We do not have dominion.

Marshall McLuhan, fully Herbert Marshall McLuhan

First we build the tools, then they build us.

Laurie Garrett

They discovered that the disintegration of Russian public health actually had begun in Soviet days, as early as 1966, and was partially covered up through a series of neat accounting tricks used by the statisticians of that time.


The greater number of nations, as of men, are only impressible in their youth; they become incorrigible as they grow old.

Seymour Papert, fully Seymour Aubrey Papert

I think we should allow for schools within schools, where 100 out of 500 kids may be organized by the way they work and what they do, and what they do often is more progressive. I would like to see a lot of kids of different ages, maybe even some adults, work together on a project.

Winston Churchill, fully Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

We shall defend every village, every town and every city. The vast mass of London itself, fought street by street, could easily devour an entire hostile army; and we would rather see London laid in ruins and ashes than that it should be tamely and abjectly enslaved.

M. Scott Peck, fully Morgan Scott Peck

Evil is the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of others for the purpose of defending and preserving the integrity of our own sick selves. In short, it is scapegoating. 119 A predominant characteristic...of the behavior of those I call evil is scapegoating. Because in their hearts they consider themselves above reproach, they must lash out at any one who does reproach them. They sacrifice others to preserve their self-image of perfection.

William Henry Channing

Even in evil, we discern rays of light and hope, and gradually come to see, in suffering and temptation, proofs and instruments of the sublimest purposes of wisdom and love.

Frances Hodgson Burnett, fully Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett

I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they arenÂ’t pretty, or smart, or young. TheyÂ’re still princesses.

Margaret Atwood, fully Margaret Eleanor Atwood

Girl without hands walking through the ruins on your way to work that do not look like ruins with the sunlight pouring over the seen world like hail or melted silver, that bright and magnificent, each leaf and stone quickened and specific in it, and you can't hold it, you can't hold any of it. Distance surrounds you, marked out by the ends of your arms when they are stretched to their fullest. You can go no farther than this, you think, walking forward, pushing the distance in front of you like a metal cart on wheels with its barriers and horizontals. Appearance melts away from you, the offices and pyramids on the horizon shimmer and cease. No one can enter that circle you have made, that clean circle of dead space you have made and stay inside, mourning because it is clean. Then there's the girl, in the white dress, meaning purity, or the failure to be any color. She has no hands, it's true. The scream that happened to the air when they were taken off surrounds her now like an aureole of hot sand, of no sound. Everything has bled out of her. Only a girl like this can know what's happened to you. If she were here she would reach out her arms towards you now, and touch you with her absent hands and you would feel nothing, but you would be touched all the same.

Emily Brontë, fully Emily Jane Brontë, aka pseudonym Ellis Bell

Incomparably beyond, and above us all! Whether still on earth or now in heaven her spirit is at home with God!

Thomas Berry

We are talking only to ourselves. We are not talking to the rivers, we are not listening to the wind and stars. We have broken the great conversation. By breaking that conversation we have shattered the universe. All the disasters that are happening now are a consequence of that spiritual 'autism.'

Scottish Proverbs

It's growin tae the grund, like a stirk's tail.

Wynton Marsalis

This girl, about 14, came to see me and I said, 'What are you doing out so late?'

Winston Churchill, fully Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

In Franklin Roosevelt there died the greatest American friend we have ever known and the greatest champion of freedom who has ever brought help and comfort from the New World to the Old.

William Shakespeare

And writers say, as the most forward bud is eaten by the canker ere it blow, even so by love the young and tender wit is turn'd to folly, blasting in the bud, losing his verdure even in the prime. Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act i, Scene 1

JK Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling

I must admit, Peter, I have difficulty in understanding why an innocent man would want to spend twelve years as a rat.

Tony Judt, fully Tony Robert Judt

If we remain grotesquely unequal, we shall lose all sense of fraternity: and fraternity, for all its fatuity as a political objective, turns out to be the necessary condition of politics itself.

Ethiopian Proverbs

No better witnesses than your own eyes.

William Shakespeare

The mind by passion driven from its firm hold, becomes a feather to each wind that blows.

Vivekananda, fully Sri or Swami Vivekananda, born Narendra Nath Datta

Who will give the world light? Sacrifice in the past has been the Law, it will be, alas, for ages to come. The earth's bravest and best will have to sacrifice themselves for the good of many, for the welfare of all. Buddhas by the hundred are necessary with eternal love and pity.

Thomas Jefferson

Say nothing of my religion. It is known to God and myself alone. Its evidence before the world is to be sought in my life: if it has been honest and dutiful to society the religion which has regulated it cannot be a bad one.