It's not the pace of life I mind. It's the sudden stop at the end.

A living creature develops a destructive impulse when it wants to destroy a source of danger. In this case, the destruction or killing of the object is the biologically purposeful goal. The original motive is not pleasure in destruction. Rather the destruction serves the “life instinct”…and is an attempt to avoid anxiety and to preserve the ego in its totality. I destroy in a dangerous situation because I want to live and do not want to have any anxiety. In short, the impulse to destroy serves a primary biological will to live.

The absolute and static were even taken over by such dynamically oriented psychological schools as the Freudian in the form of the permanent unconscious ideas. In Jung, the unconscious psychic life was enlarged to the static "racial unconscious" and to the static "collective unconscious". Along with the static viewpoint, these psychologies took over the idea of guilt, even after their separation from philosophy. In so doing, they fell into a cul de sac from which there was no way out.

You have no sense of your true duty, which is to be a man and preserve humanity. You imitate wise men so badly and bandits so well. Your movies and radio programs are full of murder.

All faults may be forgiven of him who has perfect candor.

All music is what awakes from you when you are reminded by the instruments

Love-buds, put before you and within you, whoever you are, Buds to be unfolded on the old terms; If you bring the warmth of the sun to them, they will open, and bring form, color, perfume, to you; If you become the aliment and the wet, they will become flowers, fruits, tall blanches and trees.

Thou born to match the gale, (thou art all wings,) to cope with heaven and earth and sea and hurricane.

For prayer is nothing less than an ascent to the heart of God and its withdrawal from all Earthly thoughts. Therefore prayer is compared with fire, which in its own nature always leaves the Earth and Leaps into the air.

You fear the books as some towns feared the violins. Keep reading, and let dance; these two amusements will never do harm to the world.

If you go off to die, then take us, too, to face all things with you; but if your past still lets you put your hope in arms, which now you have put on, then first protect this house.

The remedy for the Great Depression is to give the workers access to the means of production, and let them produce for themselves, not for others… the American way.

This is a great sign of mediocrity always moderately to rent.

Those who do not take advantage of other men can usually accessible.

We despise the great designs when you do not feel capable of great success.

We did not play long in the minds of others.

We don't have enough time to premeditate all our actions.

Doctrine is the necessary foundation of duty; if the theory is not correct, the practice cannot be right, - Tell me what a man believes, and I will tell you what he will do.

It is... particularly true of constitutional government that its atmosphere is opinion... It does not remain fixed in any unchanging form, but grows with the growth and is altered with the change of the nation's needs and purposes.