The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live.

We need education in the obvious more than investigation of the obscure.

To behold is not necessarily to observe, and the power of comparing and combining is only to be obtained by education. It is much to be regretted that habits of exact observation are not cultivated in our schools; to this deficiency may be traced much of the fallacious reasoning and the false philosophy which prevails.

Poverty curtails individual freedom. So do illiteracy, prejudice, lack of education, inability to obtain the basic needs of life.

The first quality of a good education is good manners - and some people flunk the course.

How can man be intelligent, happy, or useful, without the culture and discipline of education? It is this that unlocks the prison-house of his mind, and releases the captive.

Education is not to teach men facts, theories or laws, not to reform or amuse them or make them expert technicians. It is to unsettle their minds, widen their horizons, inflame their intellect, teach them to think straight, if possible, but to think nevertheless.

Education: To be at home in all lands and ages; to count Nature as a familiar acquaintance and Art an intimate friend; to gain a standard for the appreciation of other men's work and the criticism of one's own; to carry the keys of the world's library in one's pocket, and feel its resources behind one in whatever task he undertakes; to make hosts of friends among the men of one's own age who are the leaders in all walks of life; to lose oneself in general enthusiasms and co-operate with others for common ends.

The true purpose of education is to cherish and unfold the seed of immortality already sown within us; to develop, to their fullest extent, the capacities of every kind with which the god who made us has endowed us.

Education by means of pre-fabricated ideas is propaganda.

To be self-sustaining, a people has to attend to its economy. To be self-renewing it has to attend to the education of its youth.

Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money - in that order; it is a process, a never-ending one.

Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education... The human mind is our fundamental resource.

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

We cannot consider the people truly educated if they think of education only as the gathering of facts, data and information. The intelligent person is one who has learned how to choose wisely and therefore has a sense of values, a purpose in life and a sense of direction.

I consider that it is on instruction and education that the future security and direction of the destiny of every nation chiefly and fundamentally rests.

Much of what has been achieved by the art of education in the nineteenth century has been frustrated by the art of propaganda in the twentieth.

We firmly believe that therapy is education rather than healing; that it is growth rather than treatment.

Education begins the gentleman, but reading good company, and education must finish him.

He that has found a way to keep a child's spirit easy, active, and free, and yet at the same time to restrain him from many things that are uneasy to him has, in my opinion, got the true secret of education.