The only way I can describe the extent of my anxiety is to say that I felt as if I we're pregnant with a rock.

The idea of a poem European music and colorful had been in Bell , as well as instinct, a matter of culture, but some had been accompanied or preceded, in him, a practice some more 'inert and passive of the new isms found in air. Even futurism official had demanded, as the innovators of the century, to break the windows, to renew the air. Bell, however, had chosen the finest masters of those followed by his provisional initiators. Repudiated by instinct the more mechanical, more elencativa of liberalism fashion, and went, one can safely say this also in fact, to the most reliable sources of that movement, from Whitman toRimbaud . He reported on his own, in art and life, a matter of style in a matter of consciousness and was aware of representing, in his time and in its environment, a new voice, different.

I find but few beards worth taking notice of in the reign of King James the First.

The great task of life is to learn the will of the Lord and then do it.

A nation which neglects the perceptions of its artists declines. After a while it ceases to act, and merely survives. There is probably no use in telling this to people who can't see it without being told.