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Among today’s adept practitioners, the lie has long since lost its honest function of misrepresenting reality. Nobody believes anybody, everyone is in the know. Lies are told only to convey to someone that one has no need either of him or his good opinion. the lie, once a liberal means of communication, has today become one of the techniques of insolence enabling each individual to spread around him the glacial atmosphere whose shelter he can thrive. -
Success depends on faith and good deeds... not upon the knowledge of the proofs which lead to them. - Isaac Abravanel, fully Don Itshak ben Yehouda Abravanel
Good and evil lie close together. Seek no artistic unity in character. - Lord Acton, John Emerich Dalberg-Acton
All our first movements are good, generous, heroical; reflection weakens and kills them. - Louis-Aimé Martin
Often have I heard it said, What good thing you can do, do not defer it. - Albertano of Brescia
The price of power is responsibility for the public good. - Winthrop Williams Aldrich
That poverty which is not the daughter of the spirit is but the mother of shame and reproach; it is a disreputation that drowns all the other good parts that are in man; it is a disposition to all kind of evil; it is a man’s greatest foe. - Mateo Alemán, fully Mateo Alemán y de Enero
There is no unmixed good in human affairs; the best principles, if pushed to excess, degenerate into fatal vices. Generosity is nearly allied to extravagance; charity itself may lead to ruin; the sternness of justice is but one step removed from the severity of oppression. It is the same in the political world; the tranquillity of despotism resembles the stagnation of the Dead Sea; the fever of innovation the tempests of the ocean It would seem as if, at particular periods, from causes inscrutable to human wisdom, a universal frenzy seizes mankind; reason, experience, prudence, are alike blinded; and the very classes who are to perish in the storm are the first to raise its fury. - Archibald Alison
Another good thing in the heart of God is to pause before speaking. - Amen-em-apt
The company of a good man is the light of the soul, of an evil man the poison of life. - Khajah Abdullah Ansari of Herat, Abu Ismaïl Abdullah ibn Abi-Mansour Mohammad or Khajah Abdullah Ansari of Herat
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