Anandamayi Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma

Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma

Hindu Spiritual Teacher and Guru from Bengal some considered a saint hailed as one of the prominent Mystics of the 20th century

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God is within everyone, but man goes out in search of Him. This is what constitutes God's Play and God's Creation.

If the Name that appeals most to you is constantly repeated, you will realize that all names are His Names, all forms are His forms.

It is the craze for wealth that binds people. To be in bondage means to destroy yourself.

Prayer never goes in vain. So long as no response is received, prayer must be continued.

So long as one believes that true happiness can be had in this world without searching within, one will remain in bondage.

The speed of advancing must become brisk. In order to find your Self, progress along your own path, in your own rhythm.

Unconditional surrender to Him is the best solace for man.

Who am I? This realization is the purpose of human life.

Don’t sit idle. Always be engaged in doing something useful. Either chant God’s Name in silence or read a good book, or discuss good topic. But don’t waste your valuable time in idle gossip.

God is without form, without quality as well as with form and quality. Watch and see with what endless variety of beautiful forms He plays the play of his maya with Himself alone. The lila of the all-pervading One goes on and on in this way in infinite diversity. He is without beginning and without end. He is the whole and also the part. The whole and part together make up real Perfection.

If you choose to feed upon the objects of the senses, you move towards the realm of death.

It is the Will of the Almighty that prevails. By living in harmony with His Will and becoming an instrument in His hands you should try to realize Him.

Precious gems are profoundly buried in the earth and can only be extracted at the expense of great labor.

Strive to abandon yourself, without reserve, to Him. Then you will have no grief, no pain, no disappointment, no frustration.

The spiritual aspirant should practice dhyana (steady meditation) in the proper posture (with the back straight) and deeply meditate on his Ishta (beloved deity). He should purge himself of all outside thoughts and consider himself pure. Once he is absorbed in genuine dhyana, worldly attractions lose all their appeal and then worldly enjoyments cannot possibly touch him. Meditation opens one’s true being to the Light, to that which is Eternal. In true meditation, Reality is contacted. When the movement of your true nature sets in, then, because it is directed solely towards God, the knots of the heart will be unraveled. Then you should know that the current of your life is turned towards the Eternal. Give yourself up to the wave, and you will be absorbed by the current – having dived into the sea, you do not return any more. The Eternal Himself is the wave that floods the shore, so that you may be carried away. Those who can surrender themselves to this aim will be accepted by Him. But if your attention remains directed towards the shore, you cannot proceed – after bathing you will return to the shore. If your aim is the Supreme, the Ultimate, you will be led on by the movement of your own true nature. There are waves that carry away and waves that pull back. Those who can give themselves up will be taken by Him. In the guise of the wave He holds out His hand and calls you.

Unless one has a point of view of one’s own, one will not be classed among the sages.

Who am I? With this attitude endeavor to let the mind stand back as a witness. Search after your Self. As long as possible, sit immersed in meditation, becoming quite still, steady and fully concentrated.

Duality is pain. So long as man does not wake up to his identity with the One, the cycle of birth and death continues for him.

God’s name is He Himself – the Name and the Named are identical.

If you do not like to meditate on an image, you are just to sit still and carefully attend to your breathing; you may not do anything else; even this practice will quieter your mind.

It may be asked, why there cannot be one and the same path for all? Because He reveals Himself in infinite ways and forms — verily, The One is all of them.

Proceed along this road where you will meet many fellow-travelers who will of their own accord enquire about your destination. They will often direct you to the right path, if you have chosen the wrong one.

Suffering is sent to remind you to turn your thoughts towards That which is real - to God who will give you solace.

The Supreme Father, Mother and Friend–verily God is all of these. Consequently, how can there be a cause or reason for His Grace? You are His, and in whatever way He may draw you to Him, it is for the sake of revealing Himself to you. The desire to find Him that awakens in man, who has instilled it into you? Who is it that makes you work for its fulfillment? Thus you should try to arrive at the understanding that everything originates from Him. Whatever power, whatever skill you possess—-why, even you yourself—-from where does everything arise? And does it not all have for purpose the finding of Him, the destroying of the veil of ignorance? Whatever exists has its origin in Him alone. So then, you must try to realize your Self. Are you master even of a single breath? To whatever small degree He makes you feel that you have freedom of action, if you understand that this freedom has to be used to aspire after the realization of Him, it will be for your good. But if you regard yourself as the doer and God as being far away, and if, owing to His apparent remoteness, you work for the gratification of your desires, it is wrong action. You should look upon all things as manifestations of Him. When you recognize the existence of God, He will reveal Himself to you as compassionate or gracious or merciful, in accordance with your attitude towards Him at the time–just as, for example, to the humble he becomes the Lord of the Humble.

Utensils used for worshipping a god or goddess must be washed clean and bright, the place for worship also must be careful scrubbed and kept clean. Then the mind of the worshipper will also feel a sense of purity. Mind you – you’re your body also is a ceremonial vessel to be used mainly for worship. This will bring inner purity of the mind.

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Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma
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Hindu Spiritual Teacher and Guru from Bengal some considered a saint hailed as one of the prominent Mystics of the 20th century